22 January 2015

Beauteque head to toe milk bag

For me this is an odd bag where I find it difficult to separate some issues with shipping and the actual bag.
I actually ordered this on the 1st January and it arrived on 21st of January, a lot later than lots of people's bags. 
The reason behind this is that one of the products was out of stock.
Personally I believe that they shouldn't have offered this product if they did not have stock available or they should've offered to exchange it for the other product earlier when they realise there was an issue or at least contacted us earlier than 15 January. 
But I'll get back to the back of the bag is actually really good.

Beauteque is a beauty box company and also a company with a shop which offers Korean and American products to the worldwide market as well as offering pre made bags you can buy filled with products and it now also offers the newly launched monthly bag subscription service.
I like that you can buy the bags as and when you want you them like Memebox and after seeing that this was a milk bag I just have to have it.
It has seven full-sized items in this bag as well as a woven bag included in the price.
Here are the items that are included in this bag:

Milk wash off sponge $10
The first item in the head to toe milk bag was actually not in the bag because the bag was too small and are they were these milk wash off sponges. 
These two are to use with your regular cleanser and they will gently exfoliate your skin helping to remove the dead skin cells but in a very delicate manner.

These definitely interest me and I wonder if I can use them to remove mud masks. 
This is as one of my friends on Instagram has said that they are very good with manual exfoliators. They're not something I would normally buy so it's nice to have them and I will definitely enjoy using them whether that is with masks, to remove the masks, or with a cleanser.

The rest of the items were all inside the bag that is pictured above. The bag is a Weaved bag and seems waterproof.
Not an amazing bag as it doesn't seem as if one sneeze or any weight would finish it off. 
Inside were the following items:

Skinfood milk creamy nail varnish $8.50 purple pastel
This is a lovely pastel nail varnish which has a thick texture and will probably be a one or two coat nail varnish. It is inside a cute milk bottle shaped bottle and would be a lovely put on display on your vanity.

Skinfood shea butter milk lip care balm $7
The next item in this box is a little shea butter lipbalm. 
Especially great for cold weather it will add moisture to lips and help chapped, cracked or dry lips keep in the best condition possible. 
Another skinfood item but to be honest I wouldn't buy it at seven dollars but it is nice to have.

Secret key milk brightening toner $19
I love toners and actually when I saw an unboxing on Instagram for this bag this item is what actually made me want to buy the box. 
According to the description this toner has minerals and irons to help with immunity and it will also add nutrients and moisture.
This is a good size at 248 mL and is for all skin types and it contains colostrum which is the fat rich first milk and has good properties on the skin making it soft, nourished and pliant.

Secret key donkey milk Milk whipping hand cream $6.50
The next item in this box is the item that actually delayed this box. 
This is a lightweight hand cream that is absorbed into the skin easily and gives moisture as well as actually being good for sensitive skin.
It is made with donkey milk which has a similar structure to human breastmilk and this means the active ingredients permeate into the skin well, leaving your skin silky soft smooth and moisturised.
This looks really interesting and I look forward to using it and it is a good size at 60ml and due to that you will get a fair amount of use from this product.

3W clinic Milk mask $3
I have never actually tried this brand but it's very hard for me to get really excited about sheet masks since I have so many. 
According to the description it contains milk and protein extracts to provide moisturise to the skin and make the skin soft and silky. 
Which sounds nice and I should enjoy using it but with so many other sheet masks to use I'm not sure when I will use it.

Skinfood wildberry milk cleansing foam $12
The final item in this bag is the cleansing foam and although I don't tend to use cleansing foam I'm wondering if the milk proteins may be soothing and calming on my skin so it might be okay to use this one. 
It is a good size at 150 ml and it does say that it's moist so I'm assuming that it will moisturise the skin or at least not steal moisturise from it.
It will be interesting to actually use it and see if it does strip my skin.

So there is my head to toe milk bag and so far I'm loving the sponges which will be used today to take off my cacao mask which I am using in my project pan. 
All the items will be used in this bag and for the $30 I paid it is a really good deal, even for the full purchase price it is still very good deal. 
I will leave a link here to show you where to purchase it if you wish to.
Thankyou for reading this blogpost. 
I hope you're having a lovely day.


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