22 January 2015

My little energy box my little box January 2015

Generally this is my favourite box but this month I have to admit the accessories aren't very good.
Thankfully, the beauty products do compensate for the fact that the accessories aren't very good but I think that if they weren't as good as they were I would've cancelled this month.
But I will show you what is in this box and then you can make your own mind up whether this box appeals to you or not.
So here is what is in my little energy box:

The first item is the largest item in the box and it is a sports bag.
The material feels quite thin and to me it feels quite cheap.
On the leaflet it says that it is worth £20 but I would pay £20 this bag.

On use, though, it seems fairly sturdy and I managed to get a beauty box inside it,  my iPad, the charger and a load of other smaller items in it and it held well even if it isn't best quality bag.
It is useful though and I will use it even if it doesn't wow me.
I much prefer the beauty accessories like the headband from last month's box rather than the lifestyle accessories, although I do rather like the cup which are used to hold the batteries for my camera and the SD card and the laptop case which I use for my beauty box cards.
But this is definitely not a favourite of mine.

The next items in the box this month are the monthly print and a year calendar. The print is in the whole New Year new me theme that seems to dominate all of this month's boxes.
The calendar is pretty functional but I very much doubt it is worth the RRP is listed on the leaflet which is £10 and to be honest it just replaces the one on the fridge that I received free from one of the local trade persons we frequent.
But it has nice illustrations, a sudoku and a notes section so it is useful and will be used.

Nails Inc nail polish (tate) 10ml
Talika Photo Hydra Day Face Specific Hydration 30ml
My little beauty Energising mist- face and body 75ml

The final items in the box are the beauty items and these actually redeem the box for me.
I know that some people weren't happy with the nail varnish but it isn't a nail varnish that I have so that isn't a repeat for me.
The nail varnish is in a blood red colour (tate) and is by Nails Inc so it will definitely be used. 
Although, it is a strange addition to have in a French box as it is a British brand.

The skin cream is supposed to be very good and has a high RRP so actually you're getting really good value just from this one item.
According to the leaflet it will give your skin a glow as well as the hydrating skin. Also according to the leaflet the hydro photo beauty technology gathers the suns energy and turns it into's intercellular hydrating energy, which is definitely interesting and sounds good but I'm not hundred percent sure on the claim.
Let's see how good it does on my dry skin though.

The final item is a facial mist that smells like citrus to me and I really like the scent.
Although, to me it's more hydrating than invigorating. Which is great for me because I always need extra hydration for my skin as it gets extremely dry at this time of the year.
To be honest, in general, I have found that the my little beauty items are extremely good quality apart from the lipstick and I have really enjoyed them especially the miscellar water and if this item is as good as the miscellar water I will be extremely happy.

As you can tell I really like the beauty products this month and look forward to next month and I just hope that the lifestyle products/beauty accessory products are better then.
Thankyou for reading and I hope you are having a lovely day.


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