21 January 2015

Current skincare/ bodycare/ haircare to use up as part of my #projectpan

As well as the makeup items I have also identified some general hair/body/skincare items that I want to finish up.
This is either because I have multiples of the same item, the item is half finished or I really want to try it.
Although most are the first two options, or a combo of those two.

But here are my items for the other part of my project pan and although there isn't as many as in the cosmetics project pan there are still quite few.

Wonderuci cacao brightening mask 
Macadamia natural oil deep repair mask 
Tonymoly red appletox honey cream
Pure smile muddy girl mask

I have some products that seem to last for ever and the macadamia hair mask is definitely one of those products. I love it but have a Tresemme product to use that is similar so I need to clear this product out. 
As well as that I have two masks to use, one is a one use, and the appletox which I use on and off on my feet and will be cleared out and the packaging will be given to edward to use as a toy.

Echoice red ginseng eye wrinkle solution treatment
Skinfactory 7 seconds morning sheets
The body shop coconut Eau de toilette 30ml
DHC deep cleansing oil

Four more full sized products to use up including a eye cream, which is huge, the morning sheets, which are easy to use but I am not keen on, a perfume, which always takes time, and the best cleansing oil I have, which takes time to use up but is fab.

The body shop body butter Shea butter 50ml
Vella neck tight cream
Vichy aqualia thermal 15ml
The body shop lip butter chocomania

Two small sized items, a lipgloss and a full sized item. I hate the smell of the neck cream so want it gone, the lip gloss is old and needs using and the two small sized items have been started and need using up.

Skin ceramic donkey milk steam cream
Purederm vitamin c facial pads
Ladykin mangchee lifting mask
La claree gentle cleansing milk (2 minis)

The donkey milk steam cream was been opened and is great as a body cream so will be used up, the vitamin c pads are pretty poor as a product but will be used, I love the mangchee mask and use it as a last stage of skincare so will be used and the mini cleansing lotions are easy to use up despite me not liking this cleanser too much.

D'RAN Aqua wonder intensive renewing serum 
Tonymoly magic food banana hand milk
Tonymoly Magic food banana sleeping pack

These items to use up include my current serum, two Tony moly banana products that smell like banana custard and my lovely lip glam lipgloss which I am in love with. 

Pecksniff calm hand and body moisturiser
Lush d'fluff
Ole henriksen the clean truth cleansing cloths
Mise en scene perfect repair serum

Three full sized items to use here and a ten pack of cleansing cloths from my sales shopping. The body moisturiser is a year old and needs to be used up, the d'fluff is expiring this year and the serum is one of three and is great but I want to use all up to try other products. 
All easy to use up.

Re:cipe essence water
Puresmile muddy girl

Another one use mask and a spray essence. This is the same brand as the earlier one  mask but is a different variety.
I have been having particular difficulties using the spray essence so I have decided to put it in the project pan and I have decided to put the one use mask in as it has never been a priority to use.

So, there are all my items for project and just like the cosmetic project pan as I use one product up I will put another product in the project pan to replace it.
This I definitely hope to use more products than I will buy products to try to trim down my stash and to also provide more reviews of products instead of hauls on this blog.
I just hope that I can resist the shops.
Or at least spend my money more wisely this year.


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