12 January 2015

Day 24 advent calendars (and one day 25 item)

Here are my christmas eve/christmas day items from my advent calendars.

No. 7 advent calendar
Protect & perfect intense day cream SPF 15 25ml
This is a fair sized tube but I can feel it has a lot of air in there. I like no.7 moisturisers though so I like receiving this one in my advent calendar and will use it. Definitely useful for travel too.

Yankee candle
Christmas Eve votive
I like the size of this but to be honest it doesn't really redeem this advent calendar. Although it is nice to try out these scents I wouldn't recommend this as you'd be better getting a couple of medium candles or a large one instead in a scent you love. 
But this has a nice scent and at least I know I won't bother in 2015 now.

Youbeautydiscovery advent calendar
This works sleep plus+ pillow spray
I have received this in a Lookfantastic box before and I really love it. It is a pillow spray which smells like lavender and really helps me to drift into a natural sleep. 
I have to admit that it would be perfect if you were excited about Christmas and couldn't sleep and so it was perfect timing on Christmas Eve.
Although I still had flu then so had difficulty staying awake but now it is perfect as I suffer through bouts of insomnia regularly so this will be used.

The body shop advent calendar
White musk Eau de toilette 10ml
I really like white musk and body shop perfumes so this is a home run for me. It has a lovely musky floral scent and it is in a great size and I will definitely use it until it runs out.

Benefit advent calendar
Fake up medium
For me this is packaging over product as this is a tiny sample and to be honest the product is slightly too dark on my light skin. It is also a strange product as there is a waxy outer on the product then a coloured inner. Very odd!

There are my Christmas Eve samples and for me four of five excite me. Even more exciting is that there was twenty five doors in the no. 7 box but first I will give my order of preference for day 24.
1. No. 7
2. Youbeautydiscovery 
3. Yankee candles
4. The body shop
5. Benefit

A great day and I will use all but the benefit fake up.
I will also use my day 25 item below, yay.

No.7 advent calendar (Christmas Day goodie)
Stay perfect duo nail colour (hot to trot and cheeky chops)

This makes me very happy as these nail varnishes dry fast and are in a great pink and a gold/bronze colour. Both are 4mls so good sizes and will be great year round colours.
A great extra.

So, there are my last products and in general I am happy.
It was fun doing this and I will put up a summary post for all but the Yankee candle advent calendar.
I hope you enjoyed reading these and had a great Christmas and new year.


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