12 January 2015

Day 23 advent calendar

Only two more advent days to write then I am up to date.
Sorry for the lack of posts/ long gap but trying to get back to optimal health... Which might be about june.
But sorry to go off on a tangent. Here is the day 23 entry for my advent calendars.

The body shop advent calendar
Shea body butter 50ml
I really like their body butters and actually got a three pack in the sale. This isn't my favourite scent though, I am a satsuma girl, but I will use it.
I love how creamy these are and how luxurious they feel on the skin.

Yankee candle advent calendar
This is the tea light which invokes thoughts of pine trees and all the 'green' scents of Christmas. Although it isn't a scent I would choose it is nice enough but I wouldn't buy a candle in the scent.

Youbeautydiscovery advent calendar 
Maddi Alexander rose bath oil 30ml
I love bath oils as a little goes a long way and with most the scent lingers well but for me this isn't really a true rose scent as it is other floral scents which dominate.
Not sure if I like it or not... But either way it might smell different in the water.

No. 7 advent calendar
Amazing eyes pencil 05 black
Not a product I will use but my aunt will enjoy it.

Benefit advent calendar
Cha cha tint 
This has a pinky orange red tint to it and isn't really my favourite tint to use as the benefit tints dry really fast. I much prefer the cheaper mememe cosmetics tints tbh.

So there are my choices for today and my order of preference are:
1. The body shop
2. Youbeautydiscovery 
3. Yankee candles
4. No. 7
5. Benefit

A bit of a meh day though.


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