22 January 2015

Lovelula January 2015

It seems to be an odd month for subscription boxes and the first box I got this month was lovelula which surprised me a little. 
Normally it is a very good box but after receiving three boxes this I actually rate it over the other two. 
Well I did until I looked more at the ingredients in this box.
Here was what was in it:

As you can see there is a wide variety of products in this box. 
This is a mix of skincare and bodycare and cosmetics tools. It also introduces me to new brands and brands that I am very familiar. It has only one product that is actually a repeat and even then it was a different variety of the same product.
So, at least everything is actually new to me.

Eco tools six mini brushes 
I have had eco-tool brushes before and I really enjoyed them. 
The brushes are really soft and these small brushes are great for travel. 
I will definitely use them and they are great addition to my collection.

Vinali daily face skincare 2ml
Funny bee pretty BB cream Radiant glow moisturiser 1.5ml
 Meh, to be honest I'm not a huge fan of foil samples. They tend to end up languishing in my stash for a while and I am very unsure if I will ever buy a product from just a foil sample. 
All in all not a product sample size I get really excited about and to be honest if they weren't in the box I am not sure I would be that upset that they weren't in there.

Add to that the fact that generally BB creams don't match my skin and I am not too impressed. 
They haven't seemed to have taken out anything to add them in so it's not that bad. 
But, still foil samples are not my thing.
But I'll get off my soapbox now and carry on showing you the products in this box.

Balance me Rose Otto hand cream 30ml
In general I'm not a huge fan of balance me products but I may enjoy this Rose Otto hand cream, especially if it will smell anything like the other products in the range. 
Although, looking at the ingredients I can see there is cet. alcohol in the product so I feel a lot less excited at the prospect of using this product as I find this ingredient drying on my hands and body in general and hate that manufacturers include it in their products. 
So, I may well give this hand cream away and possibly to a friend or to a member of my family which is quite disappointing.
Also for a natural and organic box it is disappointing when the ingredients on the back of a product seems to be a lot of chemical ingredients, even if the product is 98.8% natural according to the brand.

Yes to cucumbers soothing hypoallergenic facial towelettes 10 pack
I have had these wipes before and to be honest they are not my favourite wipes. 
In general I don't use wipes anyway on my face so they're not a product I would pick myself, especially at that price point. 
I will probably use them eventually though and perhaps use them for cleaning hands, surfaces and I probably will use them also when I'm feeling lazy or on Edward's face.
Not really a product I get excited about though.

Nourish kale enzymatic exfoliating cleanser 2ml
Another nourish sample in this box. 
This one is an exfoliating cleanser and it is in a 2ml size. 
It has a rather green scent and I don't dislike the scent but with the size of the sample I am not sure that I would purchase it and it will probably do maybe three or four uses. 
Nourish also seems to be a rather popular brand in this box and I'm wondering if lovelula got quite a few samples at one point and are now using them as box items. 
Not a bad item in this box but not an item that I get excited about.

Madara detox ultra purifying mud mask 12.5ml
When I filmed the YouTube video for this box this was the item that actually upset me as the packaging on this item was very large and it appeared as if the mask was going to be a lot larger than it was.
This is a 12.5 ml mask it will probably do two or three uses.
I like mud masks so this isn't a dead loss of a product and I will definitely use it and I also like the detox masks and according to be packed this will also clean pores and revitalise the skin.
Sounds interesting and it looks nice enough and is from a good brand
So a decent product all in all. I just wish the packaging wasn't so deceptive.

Vinali body lotion 25ml
The final item in this box is only a 25 ml sample of body lotion. 
This looks quite small for a body lotion and is very watery but has no real smell which is both a blessing and a bad thing because it smells a bit like baby lotion.
Also with quite a thin texture I am not sure how moisturising will be on my dry skin. 

In fact on application it seems quite sticky and my skin seems still quite dry after using it. 
It could be good on my feet though because in general any body lotion, in fact any moisturisers that I do not like on my face or my body ends up on my feet.
Add to that the fact that this product seems to be half product and half air I am not terribly impressed.

This is a very odd box because when I actually posted it on YouTube I was really pleased with it.
But looking closer and closer at the products in this box I am more and more displeased with it and because my subscription resubscribes today I can't actually cancel it but I'm not sure that I will carry on with this box for very much longer.

Doing the advent calendars last year actually helped a lot in making me realise that I don't like alcohol in my products, even cet. alcohol, and receiving products containing alcohols in the beauty boxes, especially ones that are supposed to be centred on organic and natural products, upsets me a little.
Not a happy bunny this month but hopefully next month will be better.


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