23 June 2014

Orange and coral lips... Products I have tried 2014

I always say I have fairly dark lips so I decided to show you my natural lip colour so you can see the difference that these lip products make so you can see what difference they make to me, although they may look different on you in different lights as you have different skin tone and natural lip colours.

I have to admit that I rarely follow trends in anything but I am for once seeming to loving a trend in makeup and that is the emergence of a lot of orange and coral lip colours on the make up scene and since buying an orange lip colour when I was holiday up north at the beginning of this month my collection has increased and although I don't really have many I thought I would show you the 9 that I have.

Here are all the corals/orange/ I thought were corals and are kinda lipsticks/colours/balms/stains that I can review for you. 
Although if you can suggest others you want me to try you can put them in the comments below and I will try to try this year. I also like that they have lipsticks in these colours for multiple price points so everyone can try them out and see if they like them.

Most of mine are high street though as they are more easy to get and have a good colour range so I can get more instead of being one for a larger budget and only having one shade to use.

The first of my lip products is Maybelline Super Stay 24 Bold Matte in 815 Fire Coral. This is £8.99 rrp but I got it cheaper at asda as everything was under £5 from this brand at that point.

This is the lipstick that really fuelled my obsession with both long lasting and orange/coral lipsticks. This is a red coral with undertones and it can last 6 to 8 hours without reapplication using the stain then the balm at the other end. This dries quickly and the balm feels moisturising on the lips.
Great for making a statement and shouldn't transfer when smooching.

The second product is Maybelline Colorsensational in 416 Coral Fever. Price at Boots at the moment is £7.19.

This is a beautiful coral and like a lot of Maybelline lipsticks I find they aren't drying on my lips but the colours don't last amazingly well unlike the stains that last the best.
But this a great coral lipstick with undertones of red to wear if you are more conservative.

The third product is Maybelline Colorsensational in 912 Electric Orange. Price at the moment in boots is £7.19.

This is the most vivid of my oranges but I still find it wearable especially if you want to make a statement or if you want to tone down the rest of your makeup to compensate for the bright orange lips.
Definitely one for the more adventurous though.

The fourth product is the Rimmel London Lasting finish by Kate lipstick in 32. Price at the moment in Boots is £5.49.

I thought that this was an orange and as I hadn't swatched it at the shop I wasn't aware it was a coral pink with a slight orange undertone until I got home.
I knew that the Kate lipstick were well liked in the beauty community so I wanted to try one, especially as they were promotion at Boots at the time of purchase.
A really nice and wearable shade for those that like their reds and pinks and like their shades on the more conservative side.

The fifth product in my orange/coral collection is Revlon Colorburst Lip butter in 015 Tutti Frutti. The price atm in Boots is £7.99.

This is a more muted shade of red with orange undertones. I love my lip butters though as they are so soft and creamy on the lips and really moisturising. 
A great lip butter though and like the rest long lasting and a beautiful tone.

The sixth product is the Sleek Pout Paint Highly Pigmented Lip Stain in Peachy Keen. This cost about £4.99.

As you tell this best mixed with another pout paint in my case as the orange tone is too light. Also the application was patchy and in general these sleek products and there pot lip colours, that I can't remember the name of, haven't really impressed me, especially as the pots smell lovely but taste disgusting on the lips. The pout paints are best applied with a lip brush though.
I hear their blushers are good though but I would avoid their lip products, but that is only my opinion.

The seventh product is the No 7 Stay perfect in Gay geranium. These are £9.75 at boots.

I apologise for this lip picture as I am not sure what went wrong, other than constantly taking lip colours on and off was getting a bit much at this point.
This is a red with a slight coral hue. I thought it was the most orange/coral of their stay perfect lipsticks and really like the luxurious packaging that felt high end but still at a reasonable price.
The lipstick is really creamy and colour lasted well and is more of an evening/special occasion colour than a muted everyday colour imo though.

The eighth product is the Collection Lasting Colour in 14 Mango tango. These are £2.99.

This is another pinky reddy coral that is very similar to the gay geranium. Packaging is less high end but a great colour if you love the gay geranium although they are a very close match but this cheaper and almost the same tone on my lips and hand.

The ninth product is the Cheekroom lip & cheek in 01. These are $8 on the memebox website, although best to get in a larger order as postage is expensive.

Another what on earth happened on application picture.
This is a pink coral and although it is a nice colour the application needs to be done by brush. 
This was from my memeboxes so other than on their product page it may be quite hard to get hold of.

The hand swatches above that show a good comparison of colours are missing Gay geranium for some reason but as it was the reddest of my oranges/corals it is quite similar to the one but last on the right, which is the collection lipstick.

For me the best statement will be the third which is the electric orange lipstick from Maybelline but all are great colours and products but for long lasting I would definitely go for the Maybelline super stay but I would say watch out when swatching it on hands as it is a nightmare to remove as it dries fast and is super stubborn.
But I suppose that it means we are a great match.

Well, those are my corals and oranges at the moment but I am waiting for a colorbox from Memebox that will be all oranges so I will see what I have in there.

 Hope you are having a lovely day though and enjoyed reading this and I apologise that some of the samples are a bit off.
Not really loving putting on and taking off 9 colours so off to find lip balm.


I will probably do a pink lipsticks and a nail varnish post if anyone is interested.

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