18 June 2014

Birchbox June 2014

Birchbox have really been on the ball the last few months and I was worried that my box this month wouldn't be good to balance these boxes out but how wrong was I. This is my June box and I am in a love affair with Birchbox following this box.

This month it was the Global Strikers box and I love the around the world theme but I only have three countries in my box, lol.

Love the Green and yellow Brazil themed bag. So much nicer than the white and yellow/pink ones I normally get!
So, what did I get in my box and why am I so excited?

The first item in my box this month is the star item of my box and it is the Beauty Blender and blendercleanser solid duo pack. 

In the pack you receive a beauty blender and a solid cleanser which is great as the beauty blender can get rather filthy so having a cleanser custom made to clean it is great. I normally use a brush but look forward to trying this out.
This is worth £26 and is full sized. This represented America.

The next item in the box this month was also a hit and will be great for my hair at the moment as the heat is making it very dry and it needs a treat. This Caudalie divine oil might be just the ticket as it is great for hair, body and face as it adds in moisture and as this is a 15ml and a little goes aa long way I will get multiple uses from the sample. A great item to get in a box and I love that Caudalie is such a good brand that is high end but it was included in my box.
This is worth £4.05. This represents France.

This is the next item in my box this month is from Coola and it is thr Coola Classic Face SPF30 Cucumber in a 7ml size. This is a face sunscreen with a cucumber scent but to be honest it is rather expensive and as it is a sealed tube with so little in it that I would be really surprised if you actually get one face of sunscreen from it. I very much doubt there is 7ml in there. Tbh a bit of a waste of a sample and although 7ml is worth £4.19 I doubt there is 7ml in the tube or that even if there was that it was worth that. Better off getting a kids sunscreen in my house as that is 50spf and is cheaper. This represents USA as it is made in the USA.

The next item in my box this month is by Yves Rocher and it is their Sheer Botanical Lipstick in the shade Litchi.

The shade was a really light pink and I really like the light pink colour and the creamy lipstick as it feels nice and moisturising but not sticky on the lips, probably due to the cherry oil. The only really issue is that you need a few coats to get a good colour.
This is worth £9.50. This represents france.

The final item in my box other than the extra this month was a mini nail varnish in a pastel orange colour from their Brazil collection called Where Did Suzi's Man-go?. It is a nice mango colour and I like that it gives a lovely colour after one or two coats and is relatively scratch proof. It is a £3.75 sample size and is worth £2.87.
This represents brazil as it is from the OPI Brazil collection.

The final item in the box this month is an extra and it is this great keyring of a flip flop in Brazilian colours, like the bag. A really cute keyring to go on my handbag.

This is my youtube video of this months box.

So, that was my box this month and I am really over the moon. I worked out that this box was worth just over £47, not including the keyring, so for £12.95 including postage it was amazing value and I will use all the items.


If you want to join you can use my link here and we can both get 50 points (£5) to spend in their birchbox shop.


  1. This month's birchbox sounds amazing.. gutted I didn't order it now :(
    Chels x x


    1. Yeah, it was a great box but I have to admit looking at other peoples I definitely got the best one.