30 June 2014

Memebox scentbox #2 baby powder

The second of my scentboxes that arrived today was my baby powder box. This was the one I was least excited by as i have a toddler and I have a lot of products with that smell, including baby powder.
But what was in it?

The first item in the box is the Happy Fam Deo Fresh Baby Powder 20ea. These are deodorising under arm wipes for those sweaty moments and they smell really nice and fresh.
These are worth $2.

The next item in the box is the star item in this box and my favourite from all three boxes.
This is from Urban and is the Lailly 7 Seconds Make-Up Booster. This is used as a make up base and is applied after the moisturiser like a primer and will even out the skin and moisturise. It is supposed to have a non sticky and non oily effect.
This is full sized with a price point of $40.

The next item in the box is from Evas and it is the Mimi Lauryne's Perfume Soap French Blossom. These are facial and body soaps and they are supposed to be 100% natural and hand made. They include ingredients like shea butter, olive oil and coconut milk and is especially recommended for sensitive skin.
These are full sized and worth $18.

The final item in this box is from Consensus and it is a Fabric Deodorizer Baby Powder. This smells really nice and fresh and according to the card it removes 99% of gerns and molds that cause smells. So it is a Korean equivalent of Fabreze. This is worth $0.63. 
I just wish they had included a larger sample.

So, there is my baby powder box and it is my favourite box as the scent is really fresh and I love the base and spray.


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