30 June 2014

June beauty box comparison

Here are my subscription boxes for June so you can do an easy comparison, although some of these boxes may vary from person to person these are mine.

This was my memebox 11 and the review was here. It focuses on Korean products or popular products in korea and costs $29.99 for a box but is only sort of a subscription service. This was one of their global boxes which are one of the best boxes to start on, or luckyboxes.


My next box was the youbeauty box and the review is here. This costs £6.95 a month including postage and you choose two items from the 'menu' each month and you receive those and some extras.

The next box was my Lovelula box and this box is about £12 and is full of natural and organic products. The review can be found here.

The next box this month was from Lovemebeauty and was a bit lacklustre tbh. The review is here and this will be last month with this box for the moment. Wasn't amazing tbh and neither was the month before.

This was my favourite box this month alongside the next one and the memebox. Although, this was probably the best overall, and was from Birchbox. A great box and my review of it is here.

The final box is probably the most surprising as if you had asked me if I would retry boxes by this brand at the beginning of the month I would have laughed at you but I changed my mind as I saw this months box and thought wow and then they offered me this and a free box to rejoin so I thought why not?
Well I got the box I reviewed here and really loved.

So, there were my boxes this month. What did you get and what did you think?

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