19 June 2014

Nerdblock classic June 2014

My nerdblock classic box came this morning and I was really excited as I knew that this was a double T shirt month and there was a doctor who item but I had managed to avoid looking at spoilers like I had some months.
But what was in it?

When I opened the box my eyes were really drawn to the nerdblock item and the figurine and I was really anxious to get at the items in the box as I like doctor who and the T shirts were calling for me, although I won't be wearing them as they are for Paul it is always nice to see what he will receive.

The first item in the box this month was in a Nerd Block box meaning that it was official nerd block merchandise and I was excited as i haven't received anything packaged like this before.

Inside was a great desk toy as it was a pin art toy meaning that it can sit on Paul's desk with edward's handprint. As they said on the leaflet it is old fashioned but I really like it and love receiving it in my nerdblock.
Totally a bonus that Edward seems to like playing with it too!!!

The next item in the box this month was the Doctor Who item and it is a BBC Doctor Who Titans Vinyl Figurine from Titan Merchandise.

I recieved the 3rd Doctor, and his sonic screwdriver (lol), and in a way I was a little disappointed as I would quite liked to have received Sylvester McCoy onwards as he is the first doctor I remember or Matt Smith as I quite liked his doctor, although I lost track a while ago as I was busy and kept missing episodes.

The next item in the box was from Goldie International and it is a Toad Cart from the Mariokart Wii Diecast Collection. I have received a few of these from various companies and Edward really like them so I don't mind receiving another.

The next item in the box this month is a sheet with two Minecraft stickers on it from Mojang and Jinx.

The next item in the box was the first of the two t shirts this month and this one is an X man T shirt according to my husband and he seemed to really like it. I also like these T shirts as they are really good quality and it is a good way to get hubby T shirts as a t shirt in Asda can be £14 plus so getting one, or in this case two, plus a lot of other stuff for £17/£18 after exchange rates etc is a really good deal.
But as I say this is double t shirt month so what was his other t shirt this month. 

The second one this month is a ghostbusters t shirt with the sentence that is so iconic it is hard not to say 'Ghostbusters!' or is that just me?
Anyway this is the second t shirt this month and I love it.

So, that was my nerdblock Classic this month and i really love the selections in these boxes. last month I cancelled the Nerd block Junior boxes but I think I may restart the girls box as i really enjoyed that and I have cancelled a few other boxes recently.

Anyway, a great box for $32.49 and I look forward to this month's horror block as well as next months nerd block.

More info on Nerdblock can be found here.


My nerdblock classic video for June.

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