12 June 2014

Memebox #11

The second box that I got on Monday after my holiday was this box and I was really excited as I love memebox and I knew it had arrived while I was up north on the coast. This is my Memebox #11.
So, what was in this box?

This is how full my box was when it arrived and I really love how full these boxes are and I love that a lot of the products are huge so it is great value.
But what was in this box?

The first item in my box this month is by Illi and it is the Fresh Moisture Body Lotion. this is a gentle body lotion that can be used on the face and body and has a gentle lemon scent. As it is quite thin a little goes a long way and it glides on really nicely to the skin and doesn't leave the skin sticky and tacky which is a big bonus. 
This is in a 100ml sample and is worth $6.86.

The next item in the box is by Purederm and it is the Botanical Choice Pure Solution Eye Cream in a full sized tube of 30ml. It is a huge size for an eye cream and according to the leaflet this helps to rehydrate your skin around your eyes and has a light texture so it will be easy to glide on.
This is worth $34.

The next item in the box this month is  a trio of nail varnishes by Hope Girl called their Nail Travel Bling bling Set and I received in 01 Pink Syrup. In there I got a pale peach, a little pink and a pink glitter. These are probably three coat plus polishes as they are very watery and have little colour. Not really the best tbh.  

The next item in the box has the most beautiful packaging I have seen in a while and as a Korean CC it is perfect for my pale skintone. This is the Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Cinema City. This has a spf of 30 and is very pale and I love it.
This is worth $10.

The next item in this box is another Korean lip tint. This is the Witch's Pouch Radiant Lolli Tint in #3 Funky Bloom and is a vivid pink. I don't really like it tbh as I much prefer the texture and the applicator of the Tony Moly tint I have received in a few other boxes.
This is worth $7.78.

The next in the box is probably the most exciting of the whole box as I am in love with the bounce cheese cream and Dear by Enprani also made this item. This is the Dear by Enprani Moistful Booskin.
This product is a combination of a serum and a toner and according to the leaflet it will provide deep hydration and nourishment and if it is as good as the bounce cheese cream I will be really happy.
This is worth $16.79.


The final item in the box is another sheet mask and it is from Illi and is the Green Tea Brightening mask. This looks really interesting as it is supposed to cool and soothe the skin and that will be great as the weather is really hot atm and I need anything to put moisture in my skin.
This is worth $3.

So, there is my box 11 and I really like it. These boxes cost $23 plus $6.99 postage and for about £18/ £19 it is an amazing deal as you get a lot for your money.
Roll on #12.

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