28 June 2014

Memebox hair and body v. 2

This is the second memebox that I have received this week and it is the Hair and Body 2 box. To be honest this is the first disappointing box I have had in a while, although that is partly because the original hair and body was so amazing. I have bought the third one now so I hope that one is a little better.
But, back to this box and what I received.

Here are the products in the box but what are the individual products?

The first item in this box is by Vidanail and is their L.vida Lavender Oil. This is a product that has pieces of lavender in the bottle and has a beautiful flower attached to the packaging. The oil will help to nourish and protect your nails and smells divine if you love the smell of lavender. 
This has a price tag of $10.

The next product is by Label Young and it is their Shocking Holjjuki. This is a one step slimming product according to the card and to be honest I don't think I will use this as only diet and exercise will make you slimmer long term and these will only firm for the short term in my opinion.
But according to the leaflet it will give you a firmer body and is enrisched with green tea and algae extracts and can be used on even the most sensitive skin.
This is full sized and has a price of $21 according to the card.

The next items in the box were two 30ml samples from the Hello Everybody range. These are the Spa Vita Berry Shampoo & Treatment.
These smell really nice and are supposed to be good for coarse damaged hair as they are enriched with vitamins. Great for the hot weather we were having in the Uk as it has really affected my hair! 
According to the leaflet they will bring back the shine and lustre yet are gentle on the hair.
They sound good but I just wish they are bigger as the sample of shampoo will only probably do two washes as my hair is so long.
These samples are worth $10.36 for the two according to the leaflet and my calculator.

The next item in the box is probably the item I am most excited about. This is the Boutique Bebe and is the Hair Salon Argan Oil Essence. 
I love my hair essences that add in moisture as my hair is rather dry so I will really love using this.
This is worth $31 and is full sized.

The next item in the box is from Evas Cosmetics and is the Body Net 7Days Project. I have smelld it and it smells rather like a synthetic Berry smell as I received Berry Complex. This can be used as a bath product and to be honest it is nothing special in my opinion.
It is full sized and has a price of $6 according to the leaflet.

The final item in the box is the Kocostar Foot Therapy mask. This is rather like the one for nails and is a peeling mask for your feet and will give you smooth feet.
This is worth $9.

So, there is my hair and body 2 box and although it isn't terrible and is worth the 18 ish uk pounds I paid it isn't amazing and doesn't wow me but I still love Memebox and await my next one that will be next week.


If you use the code TRYMEMEBOX atm you can get $15 off your order. It is only valid for one order and only until early July, I think the 6th, and additionally on some boxes if you use my banner links to the side and bottom you can get $3 extra off some boxes too, but only until 29th June.


  1. I got this box too and totally agree with you - it's a fine enough box in itself, but nowhere near as good as the first one. I have tried the slimming cream, even though I don't expect it to do anything and think it's quite a stupid product. It gives a cooling sensation, almost burning. Beyond that I don't know what it is supposed to be doing.

    The lavender nail oil is great though - has made a difference to my dry nails already.

    1. Yes, the lavender oil is very nice. I think if the first box hadn't been so nice less people would be disappointed but hopefully 3 will be as good as 1.