18 June 2014

Love ME beauty June edition 1

My love ME Beauty box came last week and will probably be my last one. To be honest I am not quite sure what their future plan is but from what I can see they are going for more highstreet/ drug store brands and also hoping to do a more high end box alongside it. 
I selected Menu 1 this month.

I suppose that would be all well and fine if these boxes had always been like this but it appears like Glossybox they started out high end then changed their mind and changed to high street products so for the time being this will be my last box.
But, what was in it?

It's their birthday box, as they started a year ago, and I have been a member for all but one or two months. I hoped as their birthday box it would be special... but why are my knickers in a twist?

I love Montagne Jeunesse masks but to have ONE as a main item in a five item box is a bit of an annoyance in my opinion. I have had them before and liked them but only ever as an extra so having them as a main item ain't good as they don't even work out as 1/5 of the cost of a box.
This item costs £1 and it is the Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque.

The next item in mybox this month is by Beauty UK and it is their Eye Shadow Palette in 'Earth Child'. To be honest I much prefer MUA to this brand as the £3.99 price tag on this tiny palette really reflects the quality of the product. This has a low amount of pigment and to be honest it looks cheap and I really dislike it.
This is a full sized product.

The next item in this box is from Nyx and it is a Nail Varnish. I received Pastel Lavender. This is a nice product and I really love the colour and thick formula as it means it is only two or two coats to get a really good colour. Best product in my box.
This is worth £3 and is full sized.

The next product is by Model Co and it is a Shine ultra lip gloss in 'Fairy Floss'. I really love that they have a mirror on the reserve but I think that the price tag is a little steep.

As you can see it is a girly baby pink colour and is a thick and sticky formula. It is nice enough but to me it is just yet another another pick gloss and not worth the £12 price tag.

The next item in the box this month is a sample size of 10ml and it is from Urban Veda and is their Purifying Day Cream. I don't really have much interest in Urban Veda as I have mainly dry skin so this will probably dry out my skin as the brand is mainly for oil prone skin. This is worth £3.

The final item in the box is a bonus item as this is my third box and it is from jelly pong pong and is a 2 in 1 eyeliner and shadow in a brown shade that I have received in a past box. Not really interested in this and haven't used the first tbh.

So, that is my June box and will be probably my last box as when the brand first started the boxes it was marketed as mainly high end and this isn't what I originally signed up. The lip gloss and nail varnish is okay and I like the mask but tbh I got better value from Glossybox and better items and might stick to birchbox as I have had great boxes from them as well as Memebox and youbeautydiscovery,

What did you get this month and what did you think?
Hope you having a lovely day.


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