20 April 2014

Souksouk April 2014 (I resubbed)

I cancelled souksouk last month but resubbed this month as I saw that this was their birthday box and that got me curious so I paid again and when I received this box and saw the items above I was really happy as it is mainly body and skin care and that makes me happy as I much prefer it to make up products in general.
But, what did I receive?

This is the first item in my box and it is a birthday box bonus and it is a Balmbalm Muslin Cloth. I use muslins with cleansers and I love balmbalm as a brand so this is a good product for my.
This is worth £2.08.

The next item is also from Balmbalm and is their rose geranium Face Balm (and more). This is a multipurpose balm that can be used anywhere that needs moisturising, although I will probably try it with a muslin as a cleansing balm. I've used their rose geranium lip balm before and I love it so will use this after my DHC cleansing oil, that I got free with a trial magazine subscription.
This is worth £6.99.

The next item is the first of three items from Kris D'Amour and this is their Soothing Facial Treatment Oil. This is a hundred percent natural and is a blend of oils to calm, repair and promote cell regeneration.
It is worth £10.60.

The second item from Kris D'Amour is their Soothing Body Oil with calming effect. I have tried this on my arms and it is definitely calming and I like the scent of it as I can definitely smell the lavender and chamomile. This is worth £9.60.

The last item from Kris D'Amour in this box is their soothing body treatment butter. This is supposed to help restore skin flexibility and relieve dryness and itching and like the other two products is 100% natural.
This is worth £6.60.

This is the final item in this months Souksouk box and it is the PHB  Ethical Beauty Lip pencil and this is a vegan formula with no parabens, preservatives and other nasties and is suitable for sensative skin.

As you can see it is a nude brown red colour and it will be a great colour to use with a soft nib due to the sweet almond and candelilia oils in it. This is worth £9.95.

So, that was my April Souksouk box and I really enjoyed it. I will probably do three more months at least as I want to compare it against my lovelula boxes as I have just signed up for three months pre pay from there as I wanted something different, especially as I might take a break from birchbox after may.


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