25 April 2014

Degustabox April 2014

So, I missed reviewing last months and it was very good but mainly savoury. I prefer sweet, to be honest, and hoped this months was mainly sweet and I wasn't disappointed.

So, what did I get? (I apologise for a couple of the photos in this review ahead of time.)

The first thing that I received was two packets of baking chocolate from dr. Oetker. I like to bake and I love chocolate so this is a hit.
These are worth £1.69 each.

The next item in the box is a bottle of Crabbie's raspberry alcoholic ginger beer. I have eyed up this in the supermarket but I rarely drink so haven't picked it up.
I also drank way too much ginger beer when pregnant with Edward so it also reminds of pregnancy, which I didn't really enjoy.
But happy to try it.
This is worth £2.19.

The next item in my box is by Clearspring and it is two sachets of Organic Instant Miso soup on the go. 
These seem a nice alternative to the staple of instant noodles and will be interesting to try.
These are worth £1.29 each.

The next item in the box didn't last ten minutes as we all claimed one each, as there were three. I have had these before and really like them. These are the Lindt sprungles. I really love their crisp chocolate and gooey centre. These are worth 80p each.

The next item in my box is something I would never buy in a shop as it looks like mints but it looks interesting. This is by Go splash and I received it in Energy Lightning red, which I am really glad I received as I can always use energy with a two year old son that never stops. A nice alternative to squash.
This is worth £2.45, which seems a bit steep but it will make 6ltrs so is good value.

The next item in the box is the one that I am sampling as I write my review. This is by Cawston Press and it is the Sparkling Apple & rhubarb soft drink. This is a juice drink with a difference as the ingredient list is easily read and has no artificial sweeteners, colourings or preservatives. It is also not from concentrate.
It has a strong rhubarb flavour so it is very tart and as I love rhubarb I really like it.
It is worth £1.

The next item in the box is by Keogh's and another product that didn't last to me writing this review as my hubby and son ate them, but thankfully I got to try one before they were all eaten. These are the Keogh's Atlantic Sea Salt and Irish cider vinegar crisps and were delicious.
They were really crispy and felt deluxe with a strong tangy salty flavour.
These are worth £1.

The next item in the box have been eyed up by my husband and if they are like the porridge pots in the earlier box he will be well pleased as I really enjoyed those. These are the Mornflake Superfast Pots and I really like that you just add water as they are super easy as the water turns to milk and they have a spoon in the lid. 
I have them in raisin, honey & almond granola and also in fruit & nut muesli. These are worth £1.20 each. 

The final item in my box has also already been sampled and it was odd as Mr not fussy, I.e. My son, doesn't like them. They are okay but I prefer the plain ones as adding an extra two flavours has confused them. 
These are the McVitie's Jaffa cakes and I have them in berry burst and tropical. I love mini rolls and these would be great as plain or just Jaffa but Jaffa and something else doesn't really work.
They will still get eaten though.
These are worth £1.30 each.

So, there is my degustabox for April and I really like it. I have never been completely disappointed by these boxes and for thirteen pounds, or just under, including postage they are really good value and I have signed up for six months so will get these boxes for the foreseeable future.

If you use my code here you can get money off (£3) your first box and I get a few points but I would definitely recommend from the boxes I have had so far.


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