23 April 2014

Memebox lucky box #2

I have to admit my blogposts have stacked up this month due to campnanowrimo and the fact that we had two bank holidays, meaning that I now have eight boxes to review.
This is the first of the eight I will review from this batch and is probably one of my favourite boxes that i have received for a while as it is amazing value for me, a great plus for a pennypincher like me, and has given me some sunblock, which I really need as I burn really easily and the Uk weather is starting to hot up.

Here are the contents of my luckybox 2 and I am really happy as it is packed full and looks really exciting.
But, what was in there?

The first item in my box is the only cosmetic item in the box, which is great as I prefer skincare, which the reason why I buy this box.
This is the Espoir Lip Gloss and I received it in the shade BR901 Naughty.

As you can see this shade is a chocolate with red and coral undertones. These undertones give the nude colour some life and interest and quite like how quick it is as it gives coverage as well as moisture.
This is full sized and worth $15.

The next item in the box is the item that excites me most. This is the Nuganic Customized Sunblock Fresh SPF50PA+++. I am really excited by this as I need a high factor sun cream and I like that it also has brightening and anti wrinkle properties as it is 3 in 1. I will use this alongside the sunkill I got in an earlier memebox.
This is full sized and worth $45.

The next item had been previewed so I knew I was going to receive it.  This is the Dr Jart V7 Eye Serum. According to the description it contains seven vitamins and is ideal for the sensitive eye contour area. It is supposed to help with dark eye circles as it brightens the skin and to me that sounds a bit like a concealer.
This is full sized and worth $38.

The next item is a serum. This is the LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence and according to the packaging it has three functions and these are to care for troubled skin, naturally moisturise and brighten the skin. This is a 20ml deluxe sample and is worth $12.80.

The next product in the box is a 20ml deluxe sample of Dr G. BIO-RTx Mentor Cream. I got this in a recent box in the oily selection and I am really happy to receieve the dry one this time sas my skin is oily/dry. According to the packaging this moisturising cream will firm and hydrating skin and as it sounds like it might be thick as it is a barrier cream it may be best as a night cream.
This is worth $14.

The next item is this box is the only haircare item in this box and is anotther duplicate from a box I already have. This is the Miseenscene 2x Curl Essence and according to the leaflet it is a leave in conditioner to help dry and damaged hair.
This is worth $2.

The final items in this box are two mask sheets by Leaders insolution. The firrst one is the "Red energy" Coconut Bio Mask with tomato and the second is the Bio Medi curing Mask Aqua Dressing. I have to admit I am a fan of the clay masks so I rarely use these but they are nice for a change.
They are worth $3 each.

Okay, so that was my luckybox two and I really enjoy it all and will use it all. Worth the £18 ish I paid.


More info on memebox can be found here.


  1. These look like great boxes! Although I thought I read that Memebox were no longer shipping to the UK? Have I missed the boat?

    1. they restarted a few days ago. If you order and are from anywhere but Canada, USA or Japan use the code WEAREBACK1 to get $5 off. THere is also a code for 3 boxes or more. Can't remember if they can be combined thou.


  2. Thanks! May have to look into it! How much do boxes generally work out at in £s? And are there any handling and custom charges once they reach the UK? X


    1. about £18 and so far no customs charges. they give out free points quite often too and have competitions on their facebook too so possible to try your first box cheaper a lot of the time.