20 April 2014

Love me beauty April Edition 3 2014

I have to apologise again about delays in doing reviews but now my 50k is written I am trying to get back on track and the first review I am going to do is the one I got about a week ago and it is one of my favourites, as anyone who has followed me for a while will know, and it is Love ME Beauty for April.

To be honest this is probably my least favourite box but it is still a very good box. You normally get five items in their boxes and we got four, although they did add in two extra but I would rather have received another item instead of the gift card that I am not sure, at the moment, if I will use or not.
But, what did I receive?

First item in my box is the Betty Hula Secret Wonder oil Roller Ball. This is a moisturising oil that can be used to seal in moisture as it is a natural barrier that will promote radiance. I dont know what scent it is but to me it has a scent like patchouli and I really don't like it.
It is full sized and worth £6.25.

The next item in my box is a Models Own Nail Polish in Fuzzy Peach. I have tried this item and it was okay and fairly good in terms of not chipping but the colour is a little odd but it might be better in the summer.
This is full sized and worth £5.

The next item in my box is probably my favourite item in the box as I have used the Neal and Wolf products before and really like them and look forward to trying this, their Daily Cleansing Shampoo. It smells incredible and is supposed to help with shine, add moisture and prevent flyaway hair. 
This is full sized and worth £11.50.

The final product in edition three this month is a sample of Redken Colour Extend Conditioner. I dont colour my hair but it is always nice to have sample sized conditioners and shampoos as they can come on holiday with me. Redken is a good brand too so I look forward to trying this.
This is worth about a pound.

The first extra we received in this months box is a £25 hellofresh gift card. I dont know if I will use this but I would much prefer an additional product instead of these vouchers.

The second extra in this months box is a pair of Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil 2ml sachets. I am not a big fan of foil sample packets but as these aren't a main product like the self tans in my march Glossybox I am quite happy to receive them especially as they are from weleda.

So, that was my Lovemebeauty box for April and although it wasnt as good as normal I am quite happy with the value of this box. Can't wait for next month.
 My sign up link is here if you want to sign up. I'd say at the moment I definitely recommend it


Hope you having a lovely day and all is well where you are. Did you get this box and if so what did you think? If not did you like it?
It is easter day here today and I have ate too much chocolate, did you too?


  1. I went for edition 1 and I know I won't use the coral coloured nail polish - I'm just too fair and it looks weird on me. I can't quite work out what to do with the wonder oil either!

    I got some Melvita rose water as an extra which I thought was the free gift for being subscribed for three months but it seems most people got something extra so I'm not sure now. Either way, it is out of date, so I'm going to email them and will decide whether to keep my subscription based on their reply!

    1. It probably is the three month gift as I got one last month. I much prefer sinful colors nail varnish than anyone else tbh as they are fairly chip proof and have a good colour range. another bonus is they are only 3 for £4 in boots at the moment.

  2. I skipped this month. I thought it was a dull box. I much prefer to recieve skincare and makeup and thought it was a shame 2 items out of 4 were hair products. It's getting good reviews in the blogosphere (although I notice that most of those blogs are by people who got PR samples... coincidence or not?). I hope May's box excites me more!