25 April 2014

Memebox #9

I don't know why British people, in general apologise all the time but here I go again. I am sorry that I haven't reviewed sooner but here is my next Memebox review and I promise I am going to catch up with other reviews tomorrow. 
This is Memebox #9 that arrived earlier and had a snazzy silver that was really cute and a nice change from pink and black so I had to photograph it.

It had the normal pink box and as per norm I really like it but it will be going in the bin as I have a minor storage issue and I dont need loads of cardboard boxes. But anyway back to #9, so what is in here?

The first item in my box is from LUNA and is the Wonder Essential BB Foundation 15ml in the shade #21 Nude Beige. It is a light brown beige colour but blends in quite nicely to my pale skin. 
I have to admit that I like BB Creams but tend to wear the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation at the momrent but as the weather hots up I will probably switch to BB as the Rimmel is quite heavy and most BB have higher SPF and I definitely need that as I burn so easily.
This one is SPF 25 and will moisturise, prime and protect and feels light on the skin.
This is a 15ml sample and is worth about $13.

The next in the box is by Kerasys and it their Oriental Premium shampoo in a 200g size. According to the leaflet it helps split ends and moisturises the hair.
According to the leaflet it is worth $30 but I dont think I would spend that on a shampoo to be honest but it is nice to have had it in my box.

The next item in my box is by Gokmul CareCleansing Masque in a 100ml size. I love face masks and the fact that this can be used a foqming cleanser, a soft scrub or a mask treatment definitely makes it appeal even more to me.
According to the leaflet this product unclogs pores and helps with hydration of the skin so you will get brighter and more luminous skin.
Sounds good but I reserve judgement until I try it.
This is full sized and worth $45.

The next item in the box probably gets the award for most novel packaging in products that I have seen recently. This is the 25cc Hairbooster 25ml and I really think the name is rather nifty too.
This is a hair treatment and is used in addition to conditioner or instead of and sounds rather like the hair treatments I already have.
This is full sized and worth $23. 

The next item in the box is by Savia and it is the Magic Count Down 7 days EGF & Multi-Peptide in a 5ml ampoule.
This is a serum and according to the leaflet it helps you with skin troubles and helps your skin stay healthy.
This is full sized and worth $30.

The next item in the box is nice but I'd say in my eyes it is more of an American rather than Korean product. This is the Ellegirl I say tint You say gloss 5ml. I recieved 04 Vocal Red.

It is a nice red with pink undercoat and it last well on my lips without being sticky or feeling too thick.
It is full sized and worth $23 but it is rather americanised in my opinion as it is made under license from the parent company of Elle.

The final products in this box are a 5ml and 4ml sample of two products from boh Botanic Hill. They are the moist youth ampoule essence and the radiant youth ampoule essences. These sound like I will use them like serums and are a nice sample size to try out the product as with serums a little goes a long way. 
These are anti ageing and are worth $7.20 for the two.

So, there is my Memebox nine and once again it is well worth the $30 that you pay. I really enjoy the Memeboxes and I am really happy that they have opened up again to ship to more countries.
I am also really happy that they are providing $5 off your first order since the changes with the code WEAREBACK1 to countries other than the US, Canada and Japan.
A great company and more info can be found here.


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