30 April 2014

Scholl Express Pedi Bzzagent freebie

I have to admit to being quite lucky with Bzzagent and this another review for a product that I have received free for review from this site.

This is a review for the Scholl Express Pedi and the Scholl Velvet smooth Intense Serum.

This seems to be a much hyped up product at the moment with adverts on the telly but after using it for a couple of weeks and using a few times I can't really see the difference, especially for the £39.99 rrp. 
I have to admit that the Express Pedi itself reminds me of a dremel that I used to use as a teen to carve wood in the way that it turns and 'buffs or exfoliates' off the skin of your feet but it seems to have liittle effectiveness on my feet.
It might be because my feet aren't that bad or because it lacks power but it seems pretty ineffective and I think you are much better with a foot buffer that does what it says on the pack, i.e buffs your feet, and some foot lotion from the body shop as the serum is as effective but is as expensive but for a smaller quantity.

Would I reccommend or buy it at the rrp? No, sorry but it isn't good enough to warrant the price.

Still love bzzagent though and love that it is free. You can find more info on it here if you are from the uk and is free to join and you may be lucky enough, like me, to try products for free.


*the product was received for free from bzzagent but that doesn't affect my review*

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