12 April 2014

Memebox Superbox by Thefaceshop

Firstly, I apologise that I am a bit far behind on my reviews at the moment but I am doing campnanowrimo so I am lost in my own little world at the moment, quite literally, and finally decided to take a break to do some reviews as my story is only 9k off the end.

This arrived early April and this is the Memebox Superbox by thefaceshop and it is entirely stocked with thefaceshop products and I have to admit that is probably my least favourite box so far as the value isn't amazing and the products aren't amazing, although they are not terrible.
Part of it is that in general memebox does spoil me so although it isn't as bad as some uk boxes it is bad for a memebox.

So, what did I receive?

It came packed like this and it wasn't the best impression when I opened it as the box was rather empty and once out of the packaging it looked like even more meagre offerings.
But here is what I received.

The first product in the box is the Lovely ME:EX Lip Tint Stick SPF 13 in sweet cherry. This is a combination lip tint and balm that will apparantly nourish, protect and plump the lips. 
This is more of a lip balm on my lips as my lips are highly pigmented but it is a nice enough lip balm and the added SPF will be great in the summer.
I have included a swatch at the bottom of this blog post so you can see the colour. 

The next product in the box is the Bebe lip mask which is something I wanted to try for the novelty value as I haven't seen these in the uk shops and wanted to try one. It is a gel lip mask to moisturise the lips.

Next is the Clean Face Oil free bb cream. I quite like bb creams and want to try them in the summer but I have to admit that it having no SPF disappoints me. It blends in quite nicely to my pale skin though and would probably be best when I don't need SPF from my base.
My other real issue in it is that the tube is quite full of air too which irritates me as it makes the product look larger than it actually is.

Next is the Face it nails Holiday Love Edition nail varnish set. This includes three nail varnishes in 6ml sizes and receiving it so long after Christmas feels a bit like receiving surplus stock. I have only tried out the one with the gold glitter so far and it was okay but the glitter didn't really sit evenly on application which was irritating.

Next is a  Hyaluronic Acid Essential Mask Sheet. This is another sheet mask and I can't really give too many comments as I haven't used anything with Hyaluronic acid so far so I can't tell you if it is good for my skin and all I know about this mask is that it is supermoist. 

Next is a blusher and it is the Lovely ME:EX Pastel Cushion Blusher - Peach Cushion. I quite like the orange peach colour of this product and I really think that it would be great over my foundation when it isn't fighting with my natural blush. 
I can well imagine that for people with darker skin tones this would be nigh on useless though as it wouldn't show up.

Next is the only skincare in this box other than the mask and it is the Rice Ceramide Moisture Cream. This looks interesting and I will really want to see what the extracts of rice and Ceramide will do to my skin.

The final product in my box is the Lovely ME:EX You & Eyes - Sand Brown. This is a beautiful shimmery brown eyeshadow and is the smallest product in the box but it is probably my favourite as it will be a great neutral but with added jazz and I just hope my eyes don't react to it like they did to the naked eye shadows.

These are my swatches for the eyeshadow and the lip stain. I really like the neutral shades and will definitely wear them.

So, that was my thefaceshop superbox from Memebox and to be honest it wasn't that super but I suppose that it wasn't that bad compared to some boxes I have received from other companies in the past and at least I will use it all.

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