23 April 2014

Memebox by Banila co.

My second review of the eight is another Memebox and this one is, sadly, not as great as the first box from them that I reviewed today.

As per norm it is in the pink box that is really cute but ultimately it will end up in recycling as otherwise it will just clutter up my house.

But the contents are what matters and this box is the Memebox by banila co and it has five items that don't really wow me and the box isn't really amazing value in my opinion.
But, what is in there?

The first item in the box is a small sample pack in a zip lock box. Inside there are five foil sachets (1.5g) of the it Radiant CC Brightening Cream, 10ml of the it Radiant CC Cream and finally 1.5g of the it Radiant CC in Melting Pact. I like these and find that they are great on my really pale skin and after trying the Melting Pact and Radiant CC Cream out on my hand and I loved the high coverage that they provide when they are used together.
I really look forward to using them this summer as they will be great as they will provide coverage and good sun protection as they are SPF32PA+++.

The next item in the box is the Friday Night 3D Highlighter. This is a powder highlighter and has really funky packaging.

Inside is really pretty and I love the applicator but it didnt really show up on my skin when I tested it out, however it might like better over foundation.

The next item in the box is the Marbling Shadowin Gold Brown. This is a really soft powder eyeshadow that contains a ceertain amount of shimmer and would be great as a contour or all over shade. There is a swatch of it below.

The next item in the box I wont be using as it is a eyeliner and it is the 'The Great Love Extra Bold Eyeliner (Brown). This looks likee it might be a felt tip like liner but I havent opened it so not 100%.

The last item in the box is the Intense Care Moisture Balm SPF13. This has SPF and is a balm that will keep the lips moisturised and plumped throughout the day.

It is a peach colour and is way too light for my lips, that are quite pigmented.
There is a swatch below.

Here are the swatches for the eyeshadow and lip balm. Both are highly pigmented and are really nice.

So, that was banila box and to be honest for the money I paid for it it wasn't great and I think I will stick to regular memeboxes and luckyboxes from now on as the branded boxes aren't great.


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