14 April 2014

Birchbox UK April 2014

I really think I am a jinx when it comes to boxes at the moment and on Friday this box was supposed to arrive but it was updated on Saturday morning as tried to deliver on Friday morning, yeah right, unlikely as both me and little mr nosey was in all day, then 'unable to locate'. So I emailed birchbox but it thankfully arrived anyway this morning while I was asleep so I can now review it.
So, what did I receive?

They have changed their magazine again, please try to make your mind up, and it now concertinas. It proudly tell me that the topic this month is 'good enough to eat', which looks interesting.

I was rather sad about my offerings this month though as the items are rather small and the sort of items you get free with magazines and there is another eye pencil. I received one two months ago and don't use them as I have very limited sight with no glasses on so it is wasteful, plus it is so tiny it is really a 'why bother item'.
But what did I receive?

The first item in my box this month was the one I knew about already as a few weeks ago we were asked to pick the Color Club nail varnish we wanted from a gold, a blue, a green and a pinky white colour (I think that is correct) and I chose this very light turquoise colour that it rather beautiful and gives good application and is thick enough you only use one or two coats.
It is quite small though as it only a mini at 7ml.
I really like this and would definitely buy this brand again, especially if it lasts as well as it applies.
This is from their Gala's Gems Nail Polish and worth £3.75.

Next is a brand I love but a product I won't use and have so many that I won't use: eyeliners.
I can't use them and hate receiving them and after receiving one two months ago I am pretty irritated to receive another, especially as it is a rediculous size and when I have received this brand from lovemebeauty in the past, yes I know it is a different box company but they cost the same so it is a good way to compare, I have only had full sized so was surprised they do sample sized. It is only 0.6g so is small. 
This is worth £1.50.

I received a body oil last month and this month I receive a body milk and to be honest I am not too excited by this as the scent is rather pedestrian and I wouldn't buy it.
This is 38ml sample of the Campos de Ibiza moisturising body milk almond and is worth about £3.30.

The next is from theBalm and it is How 'bout them apples cheek and lip cream in the shade pie. It is from their palette of the same name.

It is soft on application and is a vivid pink colour that is long lasting but it isn't really special enough to make me buy it despite the nice packaging.
Probably worth a couple of pounds at most as I think the palette has larger samples of each product.

Next in my box is a Yes to Cucumbers Soothing travel wipe pack that contains ten wipes. I will probably put these in my handbag as I don't use facial wipes and although these look good and are mostly natural they don't appeal so will probably only be used in an emergency. A full pack of thirty is only £4.99 so it was a bit cheap to get ten as they are only worth £1.66.

The final item in the box was a bit of a disappointment too. This is the propercorn sweet coconut and vanilla popcorn and I didn't like that and neither did Edward but thankfully Paul did so he ate them. It is rare I would rather bin something than eat it but the taste was odd and they tasted stale to me. A sample sized bag.

So, that was my April Birchbox and after some good boxes this one is a major disappointment and barely worth the money that I paid for it. May is the last box in my sub and not sure if I will resub but I will know when I see next months box.


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