30 November 2013

On the first day of advent...ciate vs. youbeautydiscovery

I have to admit that I opened this box last night as I have church this morning and I wanted to do it while I was not rushing around like a headless chicken. This year I got these two advent calendars as early Christmas presents and my hubby had two Playmobil for him and my son and Edward has a Peppa Pig chocolate one.

Okay, so what has Ciate and YouBeautyDiscovery given me for my first day?

Ciate Advent Calendar Day 1 

On the first day of advent my Ciate Advent Calendar gave to me:

A mini (5ml) nail varnish in Snow Globe. I have this in a full sized product but I can't find it but I have to admit I did shout 'Who's the daddy?' when I saw it for that reason. It is a clear varnish with silver sparkles and is ever so cute in it's tiny size. I sadly can't show this one on atm as my nail wraps are hanging on and I am reluctant to remove them as they look so funky.

Youbeautydiscovery Advent Calendar Day 1 

On the first day of advent my Youbeautydiscovery box gave to me:

A Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask 10ml sample. I used this last night and absolutely loved the smell. It smells a lot like my Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night cream that I have just finished so I am really happy to use it as I love the smell.

In my booklet it is described as an instant treatment for days when the face is tired, lined and drawn with a sallow complexion. I am guessing they have met me as I am like this as my toddler has a cold atm so I look exhausted. It will also, according to the booklet, leave my complexion plump, smooth and radiant. Sounds good.

I used it last night and it sank into my skin well and I will have to see how it helps improve how my skin looks over the next few weeks. This product is £83.70 price match at the moment for 60ml on John Lewis which is quite expensive but it is a luxury product. So, on my calculations the rrp of my sample would be £13.95. 

So, all in all a good day. Roll on day 2.

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