15 November 2013

Birchbox November 2013

Birchbox came this morning and I was really excited when it arrived.

The booklet and information sheets are so cute and they are always a good read.

I have to admit I am extremely disappointed with what I got this month as I wouldn't use anything and only thing I am delighted with is the shampoo because I liked it when I used it before in Lovemebeauty's box.

First items are Three pukka tea bags (gorgeous earl grey, three cinnamon and elderberry & echinacea) neglible cost as they are bog standard samples in lots of boxes. I have lots of these already so not really excited by them and since they are in every box nowadays not too happy they are one of my lifestyle extras.

Second item is a 2ml sample of english laundry perfume (worth £3.20 approx.) and I feel very disappointed when I get a perfume as they can get obtained free at beauty concessions. It is supposed to have notes of quince, jasmine petals and musk and the smell is odd to me and I wouldn't buy it.

Third item is 25g of laura mercier souffle body creme ambre vanille (can get 300g for £43.50 at John Lewis so worth approx. £3.63). This smells nice but isn't very hydrating and given that this is the reason I use these creams means it is pretty useless.

Fourth item is a Birchbox pencil sharpener (costs £3 on birchbox site.) pretty self explanatory really. A useful essential but sadly a duplicate for most, including me.

Fifth item is the Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo 18mg (worth 90p approx.). I had this in my love me beauty box last month and I really enjoyed using it as even without a conditioner it was great and left my hair in very good condition.

The sixth item is the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter 1.4g (£15.95 in birchbox store) and it is the only full size product other than the pencil sharpener. I don't tend to wear make up most of the time and have little use for one of these. Pretty annoyed this is majority of the value of the box.

Last item is the Spa find Bust Extract 6ml (£26 for 50ml so worth approx. £3.12) and this is the biggest source of my annoyance. A lot of people recieved Matriskin instead of this and after upending my last sample and losing most of it I was hoping I would get that. Instead I got a product to help with saggy breasts and make them firmer. Not a product I need and insulted slightly to get a sample.

Tbh, this months selection is lacklustre and the products don't interest me. Trying to figure out whether to cancel or do one more box.

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