18 November 2013

Lovelula facecare and cosmetics box

I have to admit that after a few disappointing boxes recently the shine has gone off the whole beauty box concept for me but I am quite happy to order a box that shows me what is in it.

In that spirit I ordered the lovelula facecare and cosmetic box this month and it was £9 all in which made me very happy. So what made me order it?

The first item in my bag is a foil sample that holds 5ml of John Masters organics linden blossom face creme cleanser for dry/mature skin. Perfect for my skin and a generous sample although being a foil sample will have to use it in one go.

The second item is 5g of the Toned Day Cream by Dr Hauschka. It blends quite well into my extremely pale skin and being so pale helps as it has to be used sparingly so as to blend held. It has a pleasant smell and texture and I will enjoy using it. It costs £27.45 for 30ml so the 5g has a good value of about £4.57 so almost the value of half of what I paid.

The third item is an inika brow pencil in brunette beauty. I have to admit I love this brands pencils as they have a tiny pencil sharpener on the other end. I am especially happy as this is one of the only eye make up items I can use as my eye sight is nearly non existent without my glasses on. It costs £13.50 on it's own so is a bargain as box was only £9 incl. postage.

The fourth item is 25ml of the Green People Gentle Cleanse and Make Up remover. This product has a mild scent and a thick texture so a little goes a long way and it is made from 91.6% certified organic ingredients. This costs £4.97 in the lovelula store on it's own.

The last item in my bag is 7.5ml of the Lavera Moisturising creme. It smells amazing and a little goes a long way so the 7.5ml would last a while. This cost £10.45 for 50ml in store so the sample is worth about £1.50.

This is a great box well worth the £9 I paid and is great if you want to try out new brands. It has now sold out on their site as these boxes are limited edition but all so far have been amazing value. It really has put my confidence back in LoveLula.

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