8 November 2013

My Youbeauty discovery box November 2013

On the 31st of October I received the spoiler email for the youdiscovery box and I was even more surprised this month by the selection of goods than I was last month. I knew I had to get them fast this month and I wasn't wrong as the two items I picked sold out within a few days. The theme of this month was Ultimate Sensations.

Yesterday my box arrived though and here are the contents I am so excited by.

The first two things in my box are my two free gifts and everyone gets the same (although flavours and scents may differ from box to box). I received the Lizis belgian chocolate granola that has been gi tested  for slow energy release and the Buriti fruit body smoothie by Montague Jeunesse. Both are great free gifts and I will see how my husband enjoys the granola as it is the sort of thing he enjoys.

I thought I had misread that you got 30ml of NeoStem in this box if you chose this item. This serum is currently out of stock at marks and spencer but had a price of £59 for 30ml when on sale there. I love my serums and after almost running out of them this month this item is a lifesaver. This product has a unique combination of the omega statine and z-dronate ingredients and  these are professed to slow down aging by stimlating collagen.

I still can't believe this was included in my box and I am look forward to trying it, which will be for a while as 30ml of serum will last a fair while.

My number one product choice this month had a lower RRP than the serum but was definitely the biggest draw for me as I am trying to grow my nails and nail varnishes help me do that as I hate to chip them. That product that tempted me most was the Nailberry nail laquer and I received the Turks and Caicos shade. It a beautiful turquoise blue and you can tell it is expensive by the vivid colour and the ease of application that meant there was no need for an undercoat, as sometimes there is a need with cheaper varnish. Such a beautiful colour and with a RRP of £13.50 it was a bargain in my box that cover the £6.95 including postage that I paid. To be honest I will probably buy from this brand again too.

This box blew me away tbh. I manage to sure two products I would have to pay £72.50 for in the shops as well as two samples for the bargain price of £6.95 so I am over the moon.

More details on youbeauty discovery can be found here.

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