28 November 2013

Nonabox November 2013

Nonabox is a sub service for mothers to be and children up to two. Although my son is now 26mths I signed up to three more months in Oct and hoped the boxes for a two year old were right for him. Sadly I was supremely wrong. This months box is completely unsuitable in various ways and you will see why as I review it. On the nice side it is a pretty box and great for storing my beauty supplies. On the bad side before we even get to the delivery I have to mention is 28th November and it is scraping it to get it for December. Got told it would be here early this week but I find it unlikely Thursday is early in anyone's book.

The leaflet was very pretty this month and I was really excited when I saw it as the recipe was a lovely touch.

 Ok, onto the items. The first item is a changing bag from Jojo Maman Bebe. It is a nice enough bag and has a retail of £15 but at 2yrs he is almost fully toilet trained and I have really had enough changing bags by this time as would most people who had even a year old child. Nowadays we use my goliath of a handbag day to day.
To be honest, I also would never been able to use it from even three months with my son as it wouldn't have been able to have the capacity for cloth nappies.

The second item is a Jojo Maman Bebe packaway pocket highchair. It says in the catalogue that it is usable up to 30 months but I doubt that it would be safe once a child wants to stand up when they should be seated.... makes me shudder at the thought tbh. The product retails at £14.

 Not sure if these class as two, one and no item but either way they are rather pathetic for a luxury box. Both are 7ml and are samples of Humphrey's corner natural shampoo and natural bubble bath. I hate foil samples tbh as they only give one sample of the product and aren't resealable. We are a horns and halos house too so I won't use it anyhow. Product worth is neglible tbh.

I really wonder if this box should have the message 'this comes to you this month sponsored by Jojo Maman Bebe' as this is the third product I have by them this month. It is a henry rabbit comforter by them and retails at £9. It is not an offensive product but once again age inappropriate for a two year old.

The only really age appropriate thing in my box and they are two £2.99 books from Egmont. They are Fireman Sam 'The Runaway Santa' and Mr Men 'the Christmas Tree'. They are nice for his age and for the season but really disappointed they the only age appropriate thing here.

This got the biggest laugh as it is Plum Stage 1 Weaning baby's first four grain porridge. At two years old my son has most of his teeth and definitely doesn't need this. Costs £2.29 direct from Plum.

To be honest I really think that the whole concept of the Nonabox is a good one and it has done well in the other companies but it really is mainly miss than hit when it has been brought out over here. Delivery is late in the month when it originally said it would be early in the month and the products rarely match the age of the child. I am very glad I did 3 rather than 6 months and so glad December is my last box. Suffice it to say I wouldn't recommend it.

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  1. I agree with you completely, i had the same impression and problem. Products are not suitable for my daughter.