18 November 2013

Miss glossybox November/December 2013

I have to admit I forgot about this box this month as I used my glossydots this months so didn't worry about paying it and I am still reeling from my disappointing Birchbox and spent the weekend typing up a storm from NaNoWiMo. But here is my Nov/Dec 13 Miss Glossybox.

Five item here. Although my eyeliner/eye shadow is hiding by the body spray. It looks a good selection and the wraps are happily recieved as they look funky on and it means I don't constantly worry about chipping my polish on my now unbitten nails (broke my biting habit a month and a half now).

The first item in the box are the Little Mix Nail Wraps created by Elegant Touch.  They have funky patterns on them and look quite good. According to the info sheet you can purchase one set for £6 from the online shops of newlook, boots and superdrug.  There are 20 nail wraps in the packet.

The second item is a 50ml can of So...? brit body fragrance. It has a nice scent of vanilla, rose and amber and is feminine but funky. I like this a lot and I'm surprised as I am 31 year old and hardly the target market but it is very nice. It costs £1.69 for 75ml so sample is worth £1.12.

The third item is a jelly pong pong eyeliner/shadow 2 in 1. Mine is in the bronze shade and that is a delicious orangey brown. It is full size and costs £10.50 from jellypongpong.com

Fourth item is 177ml of Breakout clearing foaming wash by dermologica clear start. It retails at £13 at clearstart.com. Sadly I can't review this well as even as a teen I rarely had spots but I am guessing it would be great for the target audience of miss glossybox.

The last item is a 2ml sample of lacoste touch of pink. It smells quite nice and doesn't have a sickly sweet smell. It is a decent size sample but still a concession sample.

I like this box and the contents are worth over £30 yet the box cost me nothing as I used my glossydots. It would have cost £9.95 and even then it would be well worth it. More details on mis glossybox can be found here. My only real gripe is that it wasn't a christmas themed box.

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