20 November 2013

Love Me Beauty November 2013 Mystery box

I was so excited by my Love Me Beauty box this month as I picked the mystery box.

On first inspection I am overjoyed as it is mainly skin care and the boxes were mainly cosmetics this month so I went with mystery to see what I would get.

My first item is the anatomicals don't just clean it woman, scrub it body scrub 200ml. This is probably the product I will use the least as I mainly take baths not showers and it is also a duplicate as I got it in my prize pack last month.
It has rrp of £3.50

The second item is the organic surge super intensive daily moisturiser 50ml. This is a great product for me as it is for sensitive dry skin and that is me to a T. It has a nice smell due to the organic rose geranium essential oil and I look forward to using it.
It has a rrp of £9.60 according to amazon.

The third item is the organic surge gentle cleansing lotion 200ml. This is for all skin types but will great as it has a smell of green tea and chamomile and has been tested on sensitive skin.
It has a rrp of £5.95.

The fourth item is the balmbalm indulge bath & shower oil. I had the detox one of this a few months ago and I am really excited to have this in my surprise box. The smell is nice and the ylang ylang, patchouli & clary sage is really nice and I look forward to using it.
It has a rrp of £6.

The fifth item is the le soin purifiant absolution 40ml. This is a skin renewing mask that rids the skin of impurities and restores radiance and vitality with the ingredients of birch sap and white clay.
It has a rrp of £24 for 50ml so this is worth about £19.20.

The sixth item is the art deco hydro lip booster 6ml in 39. It is  really nice neutral colour and it feels great on my lips.
This has a rrp of £11.50.

So I got 5 full size and an almost full sized sample and I am amazed at what I got especially as some of my boxes have upset me this month and was hoping this wouldn't. It didn't and the combined rrps are £54.75 which is amazing.

More info can be found on Lovemebeauty here and my referral code is below:


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