8 February 2015

SoothingSista memebox restock

The irony is that I have written a Memebox review post only a week after their announcement isn't lost on me. But here is the soothingsista Memebox that I received from the box party event.
This is a box which contains seven full-size product and a nice variety of products at that. 
Unlike a lot of the collaborations this does include products that are more on the wild side of Memebox including a sleeping pack which contains bird nest extracts, a pore blackhead steam balm from Tonymoly as well as two capsule creams, one of which is the sleeping pack, and probably one of the best lipsticks I have used in a long while.
But below are the details of the products in this box and looking at them I can definitely see why it sold out super fast on restock.

Vicioni super Aqua soothing serum 30ml ($29)
The first item in the box is probably the item that I am least excited about. 
It is a serum with no silicon, no artificial ingredients and no preservatives. It has a hundred percent natural formula and includes Seagrape, rice bran, Hyaluronic acid, mushroom ferments and aloe vera. According to the card it will replenish, brighten up and smooth dry skin

Tonymoly egg pore blackhead steam balm 30g ($11)
The second item in the box is another Tony moly food shaped item to add to my collection, I have quite a few of the food items already, a post is up on my Instagram @mummyisbeauty of that collection. 
This egg contains white salt, charcoal powders and egg yolks and is supposed to help remove blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells from the nose area.
For this item you use it by applying to the nose area, then you gently massage for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. This will make the oil balm opaque as you wash it off and hopefully after you remove it all your nose area will be smooth and clean.
I have used it once and really like it as it seemed to clean my nose nicely and made it look clean and smooth.

Shara shara miracle capsule cream 50ml ($18)
The third item in the box is the miracle capsule Cream. I actually find these capsule creams quite interesting because you have two products in one product and in this box you actually have two capsule creams.
But back to this cream which is by Sharashara . 
I have to admit that sharashara is not my favourite brand.  
But this looks like an interesting product as this is a anti wrinkle cream which is made with glacier water and inside the glacier water cream there are capsules which contain 24 kinds of oils.
According to the card this will deliver an instant moisture surge and will also firm up dry tired skin.
From the description this looks particularly great for my tired and dry skin.

Etude house goodbye pore ever primer essence 20ml ($11)
The fourth item in this box is a primer and although I have a lot of primers this one looks quite interesting as it is supposed to be more of a cream primer than a silicone primer. 
According to the card it has a silky and lightweight formula which is great for my dry skin and will also help control oil and moisturise the skin.
A nice addition to a box which is mainly skincare.

Dewytree deep detox black mask ($3)
The fifth item in the box is a facial mask which helps to clarify and rejuvenate dull skin with volcanic clay and also contains charcoal powder, papaya extracts, grapefruit extracts, walnut shell powder and centella asiatica extracts to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin.
It is also interesting in that this is a black paper mask, rather than white, and in general the past Dewytree masks I have used have been very good so look forward to using this.

Vivito painting matte finish lipstick 1ea ($30)
The next item in the box is the vivito lipstick and to be honest I heard very good things about this lipstick and it is one of the items I want to try since I am a bit of a lip product addict. 
I received a lovely raspberry red colour which is called red sun and it has a really creamy formula that slides nicely onto my lips and is highly pigmented and has a really good staying power.
This is a expensive lipsticks and even on testerkorea these are $29 so the rrp of $30 on the card is accurate and to be honest it feels like a $29 lipstick in terms of lip feel and staying power and even at $29 it would be very good value.
A definite hit in this box for me.

Revecen blooming collagentox sleeping water pack 90ml ($18)
The final item in the box is the item that I actually purchased the box for. This is another capsule cream and it is a sleeping facial pack which has snail mucus, birds nest extracts, aloe vera leaf extract, orange zests, Japanese prickly ash berries and Pasque flower extracts in it as well as usnea extracts and Cyprus water.
In the cream there are also yellow vitamin capsules that absorb deep into the skin to replenish, firm up and provide balance in the skintone whereas the sleeping packs adds moisture to the skin.
The bird nest extract is probably the most appealing part for me because I have never used a product with this ingredient in it and I've heard it is very good with anti ageing.

So, this is my restocked soothingsista box and I am extremely happy with this box. 
It only cost $23 + $6.99 postage and packaging and for me that price makes this box a bargain.
In a way I'm really happy that this is in fact my second to last mystery box from memebox because at least with it I am going out with two good boxes.
But I will be doing a few more reviews for Memebox boxes maybe even after 10 February deadline because I have a few naked boxes and a restock coming to me soon.

Thanks for reading and I hope you're having a lovely day.


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