5 February 2015

After memebox.... What next? (Boxes to discover)(Long post)

Okay, so memebox is finishing shipping to all but America, Japan and China 10th February. 
So what do we do next if we are not Americans, and even if we are and find the US shop and boxes unappealing?

First of all I'd say don't panic. 
This did happen last year as well so I'm not sure whether or not permanent will mean permanent as Memebox seem to change their minds as much as my toddler changes his.

Personally, though, I actually think that this time it will be permanent move after they moved their operations to the United States and have products warehoused there. 
Adding to that the fact that they have changed the name on Instagram I think it could be permanent.
But even if it is permanent there are other options to get Korean products whether that means Korean online stores or beauty boxes that are already established or indeed boxes that are looking to expand into the worldwide market or European markets in the future.   

 In this post I will detail all the information I have on various companies although I only have limited information on some of these and although most are Korean product boxes, there is one in here that has Japanese products in their boxes.
 (I also have to say most of the details in here are UK related, as I am based in the UK. Some of these boxes may not ship to other places in the world other than North America, Canada or Europe.)

Probably the most well-known alternative to Memebox is Beauteque
Beauteque has a subscription service, it has one off bags and also has a shop. 
I have only actually received one bag from this company and that was the head to toe milk bag and I really enjoyed the bag. My review for that bag is here.
 To be honest this company for me is the closest to memebox as it has both one off boxes which are quite like the naked boxes, although only half of the contents are unveiled, as well as having a subscription service rather like the global boxes in the that they come every month.
 Unlike memebox, though, this is a rolling subscription service and as well as signing up for a rolling sub you can also sign up for the three or six or twelve month subscriptions which is rather like the bundles which were available for the global boxes where you paid up front.
Information on their subscription service can be found here and info on their one off boxes can be found here and also I will add a link directly to their shop and that is here.

The next service that I will cover is Wishtrend
Wishtrend is more expensive than Memebox and has been around for a while but the prices have always put me off ordering from them. 
Adding to that the fact is that they are posted from America so the postage charge is high and they are out of my price point.
Their boxes are generally split into different types of products and they have boxes such as snail product boxes and they also have things like honey boxes.  
So if you are new to Korean products and want to try some out at less at rrp or if you want a certain type of box they may need a good service for you.
A link for their service is here so if you would like to go and look at this site there is a direct link for for you.
This is not a subscription service and boxes are one off purchases. Some are naked boxes and for some the contents not revealed so they are rather like the general memeboxes. 

The next service that I will talk about is Qbox
This is a Japanese box that has a mix of food, kawaii and beauty products placed within it. This is another established box and I have seen a few unveilings of this box. 
These boxes are either available as a subscription which is prepaid so you can have a 3, 6 or 12 months where you pay up front or you can buy them a month to month in advance. 
They are currently selling the March box which is shipping on the 15th March.
This is another subscription where for me the price is the barrier from subscribing. The box cost $25 and postage on each box is $15 which works out over £10 just on postage now due to that exchange rate. 
But on looking at these boxes on Instagram and on YouTube I do think they are quite good value for money even despite the high postage cost.
They also have limited boxes and in April and May I will recieve two of these as my in laws have bought them for my birthday.
More information on this box can be found here, where they show boxes which are currently available.

Next I will detail boxes where they are looking into increasing their range of countries of which they deliver to.  
They are uncertain to deliver to the UK in the future but I am hopeful that they will and I think that they may because there will be a vacuum left by Memebox due to their decision not to deliver outside the USA, China and Korea.
The first box that I would detail is a box that launched just over a month ago. 
This is the 3bbox and from the boxes that I've seen so far, there have been two of them, they look really good and at the moment although they are only delivering to America I am very much hopeful that they will extend the area in which they deliver.
They have been asking people that are interested in the box that reside outside the USA to go on the waitlist in order to show them where the demand is. This waitlist can be found here and more info on the company can be found here.
Hopefully they will extend the service worldwide and will be able to provide reasonable postage prices as at the moment the price for the box is $12 and for the contents that are received they are well worth the price. 
If they do actually extend the service to the UK and managed to maintain the quality of their boxes I will definitely be subscribing when and if it happens.
Included in one of the boxes was actually the peach hand cream from Tonymoly which I have bought from Testerkorea and is a really nice product and also they have included some of the moistfull products from étude House.
Pictures of past boxes are easily found on Instagram using the hashtag 3Bbox.

Of the other boxes that I've looked into some are already shipping to the UK and some are only hoping to expand:

The first box is the kpop beauty box which is a Korean Japanese box which is located in America and is currently looking into expanding according to their frequently asked questions section of the website so that is a possibility for the future. A link to that box can be found here.

Sokoglam boxes ship to the UK but I can't find their plan boxes anywhere currently but they do have a sokoglam kiss me kit which is limited edition for Valentines but I'm not particularly interested in it. But hopefully they'll bring back the subscription boxes or other one off boxes in the future. Information on their company can be found here, where they also have a shop.

The next box is the Roserose secret box and these are sample sets which vary in price from $5 to $75 (although they charge in korean currency so prices are approx. in dollars)  
With these boxes the only cost of postage is the 2,500KRW(approx $2.50 dollars) registration fee. I think that might be for insuring these boxes during shipping
The boxes contain items that are worth more than the price you pay and are a combination of a jewellery item and sample size items well as some full sized items in the larger, more expensive boxes. More information on these boxes can found here.
I haven't used this service so cannot recommend it either way.

Those are the boxes that I've currently found that either are looking to expand into the UK or are currently shipping to the UK or may ship to the UK in the future and are Korean/Japanese beauty boxes.
I will add more as and when they become available or consider possibly shipping worldwide or to the Uk.

I will also be putting a blog post up about Korean shops soon so if you are a current long-term Memebox customer you may have products you particularly enjoy using or Holygrail items you wish to repurchase and hopefully that post will prove useful.
I'm sorry that this blog post has been very long but I wanted to give you as much information as I could so I could give you options for when the orders to Memebox stopped on the 10th Feb.
I may also do a second post on American kbeauty boxes for my american readers soon as well as the shop post.

Thank you for reading and I hope you're having a lovely day.


*some of this information has been garnered from other conversations I've had with another blogger pre Christmas and is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I cannot guarantee that the boxes that are not already shipping to the UK and to other places worldwide will actually ship outside their home countries as most of this information is speculation. But here's hoping that they will.*
*all links are non affiliate links*

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