27 February 2015

Birchbox February 2015

I really used to look forward to my birchbox box arriving but following last months poor box I was not sure whether to look forward to it or not.
But sadly it's not a box I have enjoyed again this month.
But I think that the biggest error that I made was switching to the slimbox so I will switch back for next month and see whether or not I get better box.
But enough of that and I will show you what I have received in box.

The balm stainiac
The first item in my box is probably my favourite item and is the Stainiac by The Balm.
This is a cheek and lip stain and I have just used one up so I am extremely happy to have another as it gives a great red stain to the lips which lasts well and doesn't look patchy.

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo 50ml
The next item is the Shampoo by Liz Earle and although this isn't a huge sample it will be enough for two applications and is great to try out a brand where I have enjoyed one of their skincare items, the hot cloth cleanser. Also a great size for traveling.

T London Darjeeling hand wash
The next item made me pretty annoyed to be honest and to be honest this is two fold as I don't expect to see a hand wash in a beauty and second is that the full sized is £18.
I would never spend that on a handwash and I have to admit that I nearly choked on my extra at the price of it. Another product that adds to the Sadsack box of February 2015.

Cynthia Rowley eyeliner
The one product type I really dislike getting other than things like Handwash are eyeliners.
I get a lot of eyeliners but I have limited sight so my eyeliners go to my aunt which is good for her but sadly not particularly good for me and this  is one of the main reasons why I will be cancelling this box when my current six months subscription finishes.
But this eyeliner is by an expensive brand and is in black but is at a small size at 0.8 g i'm pretty sure that my aunt will enjoy using it.

Caudalie paris Vinoperfect radiance serum
Although this is a great value item for me it is a duplicate item as I already have it from another the box.
But 10mls for a serum is a good size but on pressing the tube it seems to have a lot of air but it is quite an interesting product because it has no parabens and it looks to be good for radiance and this will give winter and spring skin a nice glow.

Oats + Chia red berry sample
The final item in the box are these oats and chia. I have used this along with another sachet of the same product and it was really nice product. It tasted really nutritious and I really enjoyed eating it and will probably buy it again but I still think the one sachet of this product is a very cheap Iifestyle extra.

There is my February Birchbox and although it isn't a completely terrible boxes as there are products you can use but having another eyeliner and hand wash really puts a damper on box. 
Add to that the lifestyle extra is quite cheap and generally I'm not very happy. 
At the moment at the end of this six month sub I will not be resubscribing and that will be ending almost 2 years with birch box. It's a shame as I really enjoy this box in the past.

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