6 February 2015

My Top three new things in beauty 2015 (skincare)

I have to admit that sometimes my beauty routine feels a little bit odd.
 I have a real mix of both western and Korean beauty products in this house and I like having a mix of different nationalities of products for different reasons.

But, slowly my products are getting rather more mixed though because a lot of the korean beauty trends seem to be appearing on the market in the UK and in the US and Canada at the moment.
But to me this also shows that the three big beauty trends this year may well originate from Korea and give me an easier to access to the types of products that I have recieved in my korean boxes and from korean online orders this last year.
To me the three beauty trends that may break through this year will be sheet masks, cheese and milk based creams (both body and face), and snail mucus products.
1. Sheet masks
I have to admit that a few months ago I went looking for sheet masks in Tescos and couldn't find anything which made me feel quite disappointed.
But now this seems to be changing and they are finally breaking through with ones from Montague jeunesse and the body shop appeared on the UK market and I also have seen that in the US Sephora have just launched their own range of sheets masks.
Although these are a quite well known product type in Korea and in Korean boxes such as Memebox and Beauteque these are rarer in the US and UK beauty boxes and in our stores.
I have however received a sheet mask in my Body Shop Advent calendar at the end of last year and have received a pack of eye masks  in my glossybox last year and I believe that this year these type of products will be more well-stocked in both the US and the UK stores.
They will however be different from Korean masks as they won't include more exotic essences but they will no doubt appear in stores.
Among the clay masks on the boots online store they do carry some masks but the prices are high.
Examples of sheet masks already available at Boots online include this Indeed Labs mask here, on the Body Shop online shop their own brand mask is stocked here and on the Sephora online website their masks can be found here.

2. Cheese and milk based creams
I believe that the second big trend this year in skincare will be the cheese and milk based face creams and body creams.
These creams exist in the Korean beauty world and I believe that we may well see more creams especially goat milk creams on the UK and US markets.
I have to admit that the big holygrail of my beauty regime are these cheese cream because they are quite good for my dry skin and they also add a lot of moisture and will also nourish the skin.
I also received a Secretkey milk toner in my Beautique head to toe bag and for me that has become a holy grail product and I  would love to see more of these types of product on the market.
An example of a milk cream already on the western market is the Kate Somerville Goat milk cream sold at Sephora here.

Reviews of my past milk boxes from Memebox and my Beauteque bag review can be found below to give examples of milk products on the Korean market and the type of product I hope to see here in the future:
Beauteque head to toe milk bag
Memebox special #7 milk

3. Snail mucus products
The final type of product that I believe will become more prevalent on the US and UK market will be products which include snail mucus. These have already started to appear on the UK market because I have seen adverts for them but they are still in the more niche skincare stockists such as Holland and Barrett.
These products are great because they are good at repairing skin as w3ell as adding hydration and I think that slowly the British and other western markets are starting to embrace these more niche ingredients.
An example of a cream with Snail mucus on the western market is this Dr Jart+ cream at Boots sold here  and the Dr Organic snail line at Holland and Barrett here .
My review of a snail box from memebox can be found here.

Really these are the three trends that I would like to see more in the US and the UK markets and I believe that all three are slowly breaking into the markets and 2015 may well be the year. 

Thankyou for reading and I hope you are having a lovely day.


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