27 February 2015

Lovelula february 2015

Although I have actually cancelled this box this one looks like it is a good box and contains four full-size products and a sample size.
I am also glad that this box has products that have a less Cetearyl alcohol in them and that there is nice variety of products.
This box costs £12.50 a month and contains organic and natural products.

Lovea body wash
The first product in the box is a body wash and it is a large body wash. It is made out of menoi oil and is the sensual body wash by lovea. This is 400ml and has a delicate scent and I will enjoy using it.

Madara cranberry soap
The next item feels a bit like a Christmas leftover but at least it is a nice Christmas leftover. This soap smells lovely and fruity and will be a great handsoap for the bathroom. So festive and although it is February I don't mind.

Fair squared hand cream
Next is probably the thickest hand cream I have used for a while. It has no real smell and leaves the hands feeling rather sticky and almost waxy to me and not really feeling nourished. Although it proclaims that it is fair trade on looking closer I can see that only 7% is fair trade, only the honey.
I wouldn't buy it again.

Skin blossom eye cream
When I reviewed this box on my YouTube channel, tired mum, I actually remarked on the high level of cetearyl alcohol in this eye cream and wondered if it would be drying but a few people said it wasn't so I am looking forward to using it. I have used a toner from this brand and it was very good so it will good to use these product and see how good it is.

Ren instant beauty shot
The final item in the box is the only sample size in this box and will give me a few uses as I only need a few drops to use it.
But the name beauty shot definitely interests me as it sounds like it will be intensely nutritious to my skin.

So, there is my last lovelula box for a while and I really like this box and will use it all. I may well restart this box in the future but at the moment at least it is going out with a good box.

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