9 February 2015

Memebox Wine and cheese value set

To say this is one of my favourite boxes for a while will be a bit of an understatement. 
At $19 plus p and p this box was a bargain and having three Holygrail products in it that means for me it is even more of a bargain.
Originally this was a box that cost over $30 but they are trying to clear their warehouse in Korea because they are closing their global operation so they decided to sell off the remaining products at a cheaper price. Which was great for me.
But here I will show you what was in this box and detail why the products are Holygrail for me. I have to admit that when I can mainly freestyle a review I must really like the products and the box.

Ladykin mangchee replenishing hand cream 60ml ($14) 
This has the signature mangchee scent which is the scent of sweet and ripe mangoes. I find that due to the quark cheese it is not drying on the skin like a lot of hand creams are on my skin and according to the pack it has a antiwrinkle effect, moisturises skin and offers nutrition.
This is one my Holygrail items and I am yet to find a better hand cream. It is also a large size at 60ml.

Ladykin mangchee lifting mask 50ml ($43)
This is a gel type moisturiser which has the signature mangchee scent. According to the packaging it will boost moisture, vitamins and antioxidants in the skin and help to perk up and invigorate dull and damaged skin.
You can use this as a leave on mask but I actually use it as the last stage of my skincare routine during the day and using this as well as the mizon cheese repair cream moisturiser I find that my skin is nice and moisturised in this dry winter season.
I have managed to snag two more of these as I ordered two of these value sets I will have enough for next year and for the year after too as a little goes a long way.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone with dry or normal skin to use it either as a mask or as a sleeping mask, but not wash off in the morning, or to use it the same way that I use it as your last stage in your daytime moisturising routine.

Enprani dear by Enprani bounce cheese cream 75ml ($35)
This is the iconic bounce cheese cream.
This is a bouncy, stringy and rich cheese cream which will add abundant moisture to the skin. In this box we received 75ml which is a good size for a moisturiser and will probably last a couple of months.
It is huge hit with people with normal to dry skin but it may be too heavy for someone with oily or combination skin.
To me this is a pretty incredible product as it gave me a route to enjoying cheese and milk creams, of which I completely and utterly in love.
These cheese and milk creams have been a complete and utter saviour for my dry skin.

Tonymoly I'm real red wine mask sheet pore care 21ml x 2 ($2 each)
These masks are pore care masks which will tighten uneven skin texture and deal with enlarged pores. 
I did try this face mask last night and I really liked it as it was really soothing and softening on the skin and also helped the enlarged pores on my nose. I will really enjoy using up the five remaining masks that I have.

Blanc Doux Pinot noir uv shield & tone up sensitive 40ml ($36)
The final item in this box is the only item I have not used and it is a wine based sun cream with an SPF of 35PA++. This is another good product to get in my value set and a nice extra on top of the three holygrail products and the masks.
It will be useful once the UK starts the short summer season again.
According to leaflet this is non-greasy sunscreen which contains premium red wine as an antioxidant and also contains UVA and UVB protection and also acts to replenish the skin and brightens up and even skintone so that you end up with a glowing, supple complexion.

So, there are the details of my value set and as you can see I love love love this box. In a way it makes me sad memebox won't ship here anymore but there is little I can do about it so I won't brood over the loss of boxes such as these.


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