10 February 2015

Pink parcel February 2015

So I seem to be having quite a disappointing month this month with beauty boxes. 
Thankfully though this one isn't a disappointing box and at £5.95 it is actually the best box that I have had for a while. Tbh though even at full rrp it is great value.
Pink parcel is a period box and it includes either tampons or sanitary towels and as well as these you also get snacks and beauty items.
Here is what I got in my first ever pink parcel though so you can judge for yourself how good the value of this box is.

The first item in the box is an Mua eyeshadow palette.
I received the romantic efflorescence Pallette and according to the packaging this has soft and striking shades. 
This has an collection of shimmery and Matte Shades and to be honest I think I will probably wear all of the shades on the Pallette.  
There is a nice pale pink and light beige as well as some blues and a nice maroon shade and there are also a really dark black and some browns.
This is a really nice palette and the mua pallettes are really good value in general but to have one in a box that at most costs just under a tenner is really nice.
Having seen other people's unboxing though I know there are some differences in the pallettes that were received as I have seen some that have had different pallettes to the one I received.

The next item in the box this month is by Bellapierre and it is an eyeshadow brush to go with the palette. It is really nice that two of the items tie together so nicely. 
This is a soft brush and it has a loose texture with bristles which are two toned with black at the ends and white closer to the handle. 
Although I have a lot of eyeshadow brushes it is quite nice to have another one in the collection and this is a really nice brush and is really good quality so I will definitely use it in the future.

The next item in the box is by Organic surge and is the skin perfecting face polish. 
It says that it is for all skin types and has pure rosemary and lemon essential oils in it. 
According to the description it will exfoliate and stimulate the skin to soften, smooth and brighten the skin. 
Although it does look nice I am quite concerned because it has cetearyl alcohol in it and in general my skin and cetearyl alcohol don't really react well together as it is quite dries out my skin.
I can but try and see what it is like though.

The final two beauty items are by madbeauty and the first is the pop heart lip balm which is a cocoa butter lip balm that has no real scent but is supposed to be coconut but I can't actually taste that and although not the most amazing item it will be useful as I like to use lipbalm atm. 
The other item by madbeauty is a nail file and I received the glitter lips nail file. 
I have used this and it is really nice and effective and is really pretty as well.

As well as the cosmeticss we also received two Food & Drink items. One was the love teabag by Pukka Teas and the other item was a white chocolate chocolate bar which I shared with my son.

So as well as receiving the sanitary towels (pictured above) I also received these.items and to be honest for the price of £5.95 for my first box it was really good value and even at the full price I would recommend it. I will leave a link here to the pink parcel site so you can look at the subscription if you wish.
Looking forward to my next box though.

Hoping you are having a good day and I would love to know what you think about this box and whether or not there are the boxes that you would like me to try.


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