7 January 2016

Day 24 single brand advent calendars.

This is the last day for both of these advent calendars.

This is Clarins and we have a full sized item and this is moisture replenishing lip balm with essential Rose wax. This is 15mls and I quite like a lip balm so I am really going to enjoy this.

Ciate is also full-sized. It is a large door and inside it is a large bottle of polish with a bow on this. This is a glitter nail varnish today and it is in the shade. This has a red sparkle and is in rom com rouge.

For me the nail varnish would be a first followed by the other lip balm. I have to admit that I am particularly partial to glitter nail polishes and this one is no exception. This will be great for the holiday season and to be honest I'm quite happy to wear glitter polishes all year round.

Thankyou for reading

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