7 January 2016

Day 24 non-beauty Advent calendars

Here are my non beauty advent calendars for day 24.

First is busy bee candles and there is a pink wax melt. To me this is another tree one, but I'm not sure if that is 100% accurate as my sense of smellwas hving issues as I was ill at the time of writing this. There is a slight spice to it and it in the scent Merry Christmas.

Next is tinc and sadly we had nothing.

The final non beauty advent calendar is Smiggle 

This one has a day 25 and I will point those out in my summary advent calendar posts.
Inside the advent calendar for day 24 is a puzzle which is rather like a Rubiks snake. I will have to admit that when I received it I did play with it straight away.
I really do like it a lot and it is a great addition to the calendar.

It isn't hard to decide on which item I enjoyed the most as it will definitely be the puzzle followed by the melt because there is no tinc item.
Thank you for reading.

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