6 January 2016

Day 23 non-beauty advent calendars

Here  are my non beauty advent calendars for the 23rd December and to be honest it was one of my best days as I fell in love with a Smiggle item.

First is Smiggle.

This is a small thin aperture.
It has a guitar and when I opened it I was absolutely overwhelmed to see that I had received a mechanical pencil with a guitar shaped eraser on the end.
This was absolutely beautiful and you can see from my YouTube video if you watched it that I was absolutely overwhelmed and I will definitely be keeping this for myself.
This is a really useful.

Next is tinc 

Thankfully today there was an item as inside was a pen. At first I thought it was just a pen but then I saw that around the outside of the pen is a puzzle which makes the pen a lot more attractive to me. A lot of pens are boring but this is anything but and the very thought of directing the small ball around the maze and which makes the pen a lot more attractive to me. 

Finally is busy bee candles

Inside is a white wax melts today and this is another tree scented one to my nose. This is in the scent Christmas morning. It is another nice melt.

It's quite hard for me to decide on what I love most today but I think it would be the guitar pen followed by the maze followed by wax melt.
But it was a really great day for me. Thank you for reading.


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