7 January 2016

Complete advent calendar contents 2015

Here are the pictures of my advent calendars in the order of my preference of the contents for this year and here is the order.


Youbeauty has been the advent calendar that I recommended to everyone the last two years and this year didn't disappoint. I got this for just under £50 as I had a £10 off code and it was well worth the price and I will use it all apart from the tweezers.


Marks and spencer was fabulous for 2015 and I will definitely repurchase this year. It was £25 with a £25 purchase and it was fabulous value and I loved opening the little boxes every day.
A really great value and with more 'classic' products it will be great for all.


In third place was lookfantastic and this one is here as it was £70.70 which makes it £20 more than youbeauty and £45 more than M and S and I can't see the value.
I do prefer it to the others as I prefer the beauty calendars but not sure I will get it next year unless I get it on an amazing deal.
Not bad but I think it was a little too expensive.

This did have a day 25 item and it was a tangleteezer which you can use wet or dry. A nice extra that there is a day 25 but not sure I will use it as they add volume to my hair and I don't need volume.


Now we are on to the stationery advent calendars and the reason this is fourth is because for me the snake puzzle, calculator, spinning top and guitar pencil are standout items. 
The guitar in particular was wow wow wow.
Smiggle hit this right out the park, plus it had a plastic inner.

Smiggle had a day 25 item too and it was this light up spinning top. A favourite of my son.


Tinc isn't bad though and there are some items that I particularly like in this advent calendar but for me the issue was the lack of plastic tray.
I love the slap band though in this box as well as the santa's hat, stocking, penguin and elf eraser. Particularly useful will be the finger crayons for bean and I would never say never to this, especially if they have a plastic inner in 2016.


Ciate I got half price and for £25 it isn't bad but I wouldn't buy full price. I won't be getting it this year as for me it is an every other year calendar as I have so much polish.
The value at £25 is good but at just under £50 nope I wouldn't buy it.


Clarins is worst value for me this year. These are tiny samples that may look large in this pic but aren't. Bad value and would get Boots over this any day.

There is my round up of my advent calendar though and for me it was a good year and for the wax melt calendar was also great and would be above Ciate in terms of preference.

Thankyou for reading


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