3 March 2015

Tonymoly broccoli sprout cleansing cream

The fact that I am in love with Tonymoly products isn't really a secret, especially if you have ever seen my instagram. 
I have been collecting their hand cream and skincare fruits and animals for a while so when I saw that they had a cleansing cream I was quite excited.
I quite like cleansing cream and often use them instead of cleansing oils a lot of the time simply because they are faster and easier to use.

I suppose the first thing that strikes you when you see Tonymoly products for the first time is the packaging.
As this is the broccoli sprout product the packaging is fitting with rubber leaves that are ever so pretty and the general appearance of a plant pot enclosing the sprout.

The labelling is a mix of English and korean and is simple but in context with with the cute packaging. 

Indeed even the inner cover for the product is functional, stopping it leaking, but great in the elegant simplicity. I love love love Tonymoly.

But it isn't just about the packaging with this cleansing cream.
The product itself is great too for such a low price point ($6 approx when I purchased).
It is a silky smooth cleansing cream with sparsely distributed exfoliating particles which rub against the skin before disappearing to add nutrients to the skin.
It cleans well without stripping the skin excessively or adding abundant greasiness. 
This is used as a second cleanse before I tone and it is a nice cream cleanser and like a lot of the Tonymoly products I have used before I would buy it again even at the 8,500 won price tag Testerkorea stocks it here.
A effective cleansing cream in cute packaging that is sturdy but decorative.
A huge win win on both packaging and product.


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