3 March 2015

Garnier micellar cleansing water range has expanded.

Micellar waters are definitely one of my holy grail items as I always use them as a first step in my skincare routine, night and day.
So when I saw that Garnier had released two more Micellar Waters for their range I was quite excited.
Their original micellar water is probably my favourite from those that I have tried so I'm quite happy to have bought the other two in the range in order to compare to the original formula Garnier micellar water.
The two new micellar waters from Garnier are both suited to combination skin (The pureactive is for combination to oily skin) and both are also fine for sensitive skin.
I know that some people who have more oily skin have had problems with the standard micellar waters as they don't tend to deal with the oil well and may leave your skin too shiny.
The Garnier micellar water with the green top is actually mattifying as well which will be an added benefit for anyone wants a matte finish after they have cleansed their skin and both of these new types will help with excess sebum and will also cleanse the skin of dirt and makeup.
Although I haven't tried both of these new types I am looking forward to trying them so that I can review them.
This post mostly is a heads up for anyone who hasn't seen the new varieties and is interested in trying a different type of micellar water or find that the current micellar waters don't deal with excess sebum well or leave your skin too glowy.
I just hope that these products are not too harsh on the skin and are as good as the original.
I would also love a more hydrating one for those with dry skin in the range too.
More info on these waters can be found here on the Boots website and they are also 3 for 2 atm.

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