3 March 2015

Etude house give me chocolate eyeshadows first impressions and swatches

Some products arrive on the market and they sell out really fast and these are products that sold out really fast, maybe in a day or so on testerkorea, as these are limited-edition.
I think a lot of the reason why these sold out is due to the packaging and I have to admit that when I saw them that was why I wanted to purchase them.
These are the etude house give me chocolate eyeshadows and below I will swatch and show you how they look in their packaging.

This is the outside packaging.
They have card slip cases on the outside and are sturdy but functional.
They show the ingredients on the reverse in English as well as a speel that these are great as chocolate is always a good answer for any issue in life.
I have to agree but in the case of these they are a no calorie chocolate treat. Also will last longer than a chocolate bar in my house.

Inside they are a little smaller than the outside packaging but they are still a good size at 4.5g. Also they are great as they feature a good split between a chocolate shade and corresponding shade that will contrast well.
(Only two of the three are on this picture as cherry truffle was purchased later from BNK)

These are the three different varieties of the give me chocolate duos and each contain varying mixes of matte and shimmer shades.
On two the colours are shimmers but on the centre colourway, cherry truffle, the brown is the colour with a slight shimmer rather than the red, and both of salted caramel shades are shimmers.
From left to right these are #3 Cacao fudge, #1 cherry truffle and #3 salted caramel.

Here are the swatches for these eyeshadow, in the same order as above (Cacao fudge, cherry truffle and salted caramel) and as you can see they give some coverage but like a lot of other chocolate palettes these are definitely neutrals.
The Cacao fudge has the darkest brown and in contrast with this is a shimmery lemon yellow which blends into my skin but would look lovely on darker skin tones.
The Cherry truffle was purchased after the others and is strangely my favourite with a brown with a bronze tint and a cherry red which is matte. These are best contrast colours too for me and will be great as a more statement eye colour.
The salted caramel sounds like it should be a deep gold and chocolate brown but this is a shimmery pinky red and a mid tone shimmer brown. A great colourway if you love your shimmers.

The main issue for me with these though is the fallout, due to high levels of talc probably, and the fact that the pigment isn't amazing but I think if you used a thicker layer as well as a primer these will be great eyeshadows, especially if you wanted to mix and match between the different duos.
I look forward to using these especially the bronze shade brown and the cherry red and shimmery lemon.


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