23 August 2017

Where have I been? (23/08/17 update)

I'm not sure how many people will read this, as this blog has been effectively dead for quite a few months, but I just want to update anyone who is reading this to my current situation.
Since Christmas, things have been go go go for my family and bean started school in September. 
So, we spent the year at school dealing with some schooling issues for bean and also making sure that he learned to read well (shortening the length of time I have had to spend with Biff and Chip- Thank the Lord for that!). 
That has been our priority, quite rightly in my view.

At the moment, though, this blog, and my life, is in a transition and I very much doubt that it will ever return as purely a beauty blog and will return as a life blog detailing books and candles and advent calendars.
But, going on my life in the last few years, I'd never say never in terms of it being a part time beauty blog!


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